There are 138 water-saving photocell faucets placed. IZU is dedicated to increasing water-efficient appliances in its campus. Existing water armatures are replaced with photocell armatures that save water, and water-saving armatures are installed in new buildings.

Appliance Total Number Total number water Efficient appliances Percentage
Wastafel 700 138 19,71 %
Average Percentage 19,71 %
On campus, the most water consumption and female student guesthouses are spent in showers.
It is 4.5 cubic meters per person during peak months in the 278-person girl student dormitory. During the peak months in the 300-person male student dormitory, it is 3.2 m³ per person. These numbers are far above the standards. It was determined that the shower heads used were measured on site and consumed 25 liters of water per minute. Later, these shower heads were replaced with energy efficient shower heads that consume between 8 and 10 liters of water per minute. In this way, significant water savings have been achieved.

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