Amount of Waste Generated
metric ton (mt)
Amount of Waste Recycled
metric ton (mt)
Amount of Waste Sent to Landfill
metric ton (mt)
Toxic Waste 0,25 - 0,25
Organic Waste 5,0 2,5 2,5
Inorganic Waste 0,25 0,25 -
Other Waste
(Paper, Plastic, Glass, Metal, Household Waste, Used Bataries vb.)
7,5 7,5 -
TOTAL 13,0 10,25 2,75





In line with its Waste Management Policy and programs and according to waste types, IZU collects, processes, transforms  or enables them to mix with the soil.


IZU produced 13 metric ton waste, recyled 10,25 metric ton waste and send 2,75 metric ton waste to landfill in 2010.