Reduce_The_Use_of_Paper_and_Plastic 02



- İZU IT supports paperless system to reduce paper in daily workplace. That contributes to reduce a lot of paper use which mean IZU can reduce CO2 emissions. 

- Electronic documents are widely used throughout the university. All internal and external documents are managed by the Electronic Document Management System (EBYS). Physical documents are not used unless it is compulsory. By switched to electronic document management system in 2017, IZU began saving a significant amount of paper. 

- Solutions of reusable paper in back office, e.g. using 2-side of paper, always recheck your data before print, use online system instead of hard copy. 

- Functional printers are available in common areas, not in every office. 

- The printers in common areas are used with personnel cards and the number of outputs that each personnel can receive is limited by the management. 

- Even important documents are passed through the paper disposal machine and recycled. 

- IZU has a policy of “Reduce plastic glasses in the canteens and cafeterias.  

- Drinks are served in glass glasses to all academic and administrative staff. 

- Paper waste is collected by the Municipality of Kucukmece district for recycling. 


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