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Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Research and Application Center

About us 

Entrepreneurship is the search for opportunities beyond the resources one already has. Leadership can be defined as the strategic vision combined with an organization's ability to influence and motivate others through its systems, processes, and culture. It is impossible to think of business management separately from these two concepts, which are becoming increasingly important today. With this perspective, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University established the Management, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership Application and Research Center (MELARC) in 2016 to contribute to the national/international society with its academic activities by combining theory and practice in the fields of management, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

MELARC currently carries out a series of activities such as organizing panels, conferences, symposiums, congresses, educational studies, and academic publications, cooperating with national and international institutions and organizations on management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. These activities can be summarized under the following topics:

• To increase and strengthen the content of management, entrepreneurship, and leadership courses given to Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University students at the undergraduate level.

• To encourage the writing of postgraduate theses in management, entrepreneurship, leadership, and related fields and to provide academic and advisory support to doctoral students who continue to work in these fields.

• To organize seminars and conferences with the participation of leading academicians or sector members on national and international management, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

• Publishing sectoral reports and research notes in management, entrepreneurship, leadership, and related fields.

• To carry out research projects in management, entrepreneurship, leadership, and related fields using national and international funds.



Assoc. Prof. Rümeysa BİLGİN


Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Güran YUMUŞAK

Prof. Dr. İbrahim GÜNEY 

Asst. Prof. Özgür KÖKALAN


Consultative Committee

Prof. Dr. Mehmet BULUT

Prof. Dr. Kadir CANATAN