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Food Safety Audits and Analysis

Food security issues are one of the most talked about topics regarding human life, both in our country and the world. People in every part of the society should keep a nutritious diet with healthy and high quality food. It seems that the measures taken by the universities for healthy nutrition and food safety are not sufficient for many students and academic/adminisrative staff, for those who either work or reside in these institutions. Many of the universities have private contracts with catering services and the precautions related to food safety and quality are limited to the possibilities these firms can provide.

Many university students who move away from the family environment also see a change in their eating habits, which can indirectly affect their mental and physical state and their academic performance on campus. Through the conducted research, it has been found out that students usually skip proper meals and turn to foods such as sandwiches and simits, eat unhealthily due to the poor hygienic environment in their dormitories and fail to keep proper eating habits due to the economical difficulties and their lack of knowledge.

The nutrition values and quality of the foods offered in the university is very important for the health and performance of the students and staff. Foods served in the university should not be of poor quality, expired, spoiled and shouldn’t cause any food-borne illness and must be tasty, satisfying, nutritious and reliable in terms of hygiene.

This website has been designed and with Food Engineering Department of Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty of İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University to ensure that the food services in our university are of good quality and healthy for the students and the staff.