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ozkan-koksalHe was born in Bozdoğan/Aydın in 1955. He finished his primary education in Bozdoğan. After that, he graduated from Bursa İmam Hatip (Religious) High School and Aydın High School.

He did his undergraduate degree (1978) and postgraduate degree (1980) in the Faculty of Ship Building in Istanbul Technical University. He worked as a design engineer in Turkey Ship Industry Inc. Camialtı Dockyard for 2 years. He did his military service as a Reserve Officer in Navy College Commandership of Navy Education Commandership (1981-1982).

After that, he had the following positions respectively; founder and general manager in Middle East Engineering Office (1982-1983), founder and general manager in Ensar Engineering Office (1983-1998), founder and general manager in Ensar Ship and Supplier Industry Ltd (1998 - ...), founder and board chairman in Bilge Consultancy and Publishing Ltd. (2001 - ...), founder and board chairman in Merdiven Construction and Tourism Ltd. (2009 - ...). The last 3 positions are ongoing. In addition to his business life, he has also had other positions; Member of Assembly in Maritime Chamber of Commerce; Member of Honour in Chamber of Naval Engineers; Board Member, Member of Inspectorate, Culture Council Founding Member in Maritime Industry Association; Founding Member in Dissemination of Knowledge Association; Trustee Committee Vice-President in Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. Apart from the first position, his other positions are still ongoing. He is married with four children.
He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering course in the Faculty of Engineering in Boğaziçi University. After graduating in 1984, BÜYÜKABACI did a master's in the same field and worked as a research assistant in the same department for a while.

As of 1989, he worked as a manager in various capital markets and investment companies.

He focused on Asset/Portfolio Management and investment, and in 1993, he joined Yıldız Holding as the founding general manager and board member of Taç Investment Partnership.

In addition, during his position in Yıldız Holding, he worked as a Capital Market and Finance Consultant in the areas of money, capital and stock markets. He also worked as a Board Member in Family Finans and other group companies.

Büyükabacı formed Bizim Marketable Securities and worked as the founding general manager and board member. In Yıldız Holding, he formed the land estates group and instituionalized the land estates operations of the group. He became the founding President for the Land Estate Group and left Yıldız Holding at the end of 2010. He is still involved in the land estate and capital markets investments with his self-owned investment company.

latif-topbasHe was born in Istanbul in 1944. He started his business life in the textile industry in 1961 as a partner and manager in Bahariye Textile Goods Inc. In the following years, he worked as a founder and manager in various industrial and commercial companies.