The units that produce organic waste within the campus are refectory, canteen and cafés. Foodservice in the university is outsourced. The contracted companies indicated below manage the disposal of organic wastes from landfills in regular periods. They collect the organic waste. All of the waste oils obtained in the campus are used in Biodiesel production. 

Organic Waste Information of The Contracted Companies: 

• Aker Cafeteria Halkali Campus: Single Recycling Vegetable Waste Oil Collection and Handling, Storege Trading Limited Company.

• Arzu Gida (Arzu Food): Vatan Vegetable Waste Oil – Recycling Export Industry and Trading Limited Company

• Dilek Pastanesi (Dilek Patisserie): Nevbio Bio Vegetable Oil Storege and Transport Industry and Trading Limited Company 

There are nearly 7000 trees on our campus. The large amount of branch and leaf wastes generated as a result of pruning and maintenance processes are turned into sawdust with a sawdust making machine, and then mulch is turned into fertilizer after necessary processes. The fertilizer obtained is used at tree bottoms. Thus, trees and other plants are fed with natural, organic fertilizers that are much healthier. These wastes are recycled, both saving and contributing to the environment. In addition, by eliminating the storage problem  the risk of fire is also reduced. 

Organic Waste Management
Amount of Waste Produced metric tons (mt) Amount of Recycled Waste metric tons (mt) Amount of Waste Mixed / Buried in the Soil metrik ton (mt)
2020 2021 2020 2021 2020 2021
Organic Waste 3 4 1,5 2 1,5 2

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