Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University has taken the decision in its Senate, which is the highest decision mechanism, to carry out necessary works for the management of waste at the university and the adoption of a zero waste policy, and it implements this policy with determination.

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University colloborates with Municipality of Kucukçekmece district which implements developed recycling systems. The program has been developed to allow easy collection of all kinds of recyclable materials (plastic, paper, glass, metal and household waste). Also there are seperate collecting stands for used batteries and bottle caps in buildings and easily accessible public areas within the university campus.

In order to spread the awareness of recycling, personal garbage bins in the offices were removed and recycling units were placed in common areas and corridors. Thus, we made waste sorting easier and faster. Instead of throwing all waste into the trash in the office, the staff throw it into the recycling unit according to the type of garbage. The wastes collected in these units are transferred to recycling collection center and than delivered to Kucükcekmece Municipality Recycling teams.

IZU also promotes the recycling of Electronic Waste and ink-cartridges from printers. E-waste items should not be disposed of in the normal trash due to their high concentrations of toxic chemicals and heavy metals.


Recycling UnitsNumber
Plastic Waste 135
Paper Waste135
Glass Waste135
Metal Waste135
Domestic Waste135
Battery Waste28


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