International Symposium on Talking the Armenian Issue Together

  • Tarihler: 22 – 23 May, 2021

International Symposium on

Talking the Armenian Issue Together


The Center for Local and Regional Policy Research and Halil İnalcık History and Social Sciences and Research Center at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University will organise an International Symposium on ‘‘Talking the Armenian Issue Together’’. The sympsium will be held on May 22-23, 2021, on Saturday, at 12.00 AM-15:30 PM; on Sunday, at 10:30 AM-17:00 PM via the Zoom Webinar. The symposium will also be livestreamed on our university’s youtube channel in Turkish and English. The audiences can ask their questions by writing.on youtube channel.


The Content of the Symposium:

With the outbreak of the First World War, the efforts of the Allied Powers to benefit from the Armenians living in the Ottomans lands prompted the Ottoman rulers to carry out a policy of relocating and resettling the Armenians. The various human tragedies, quarrels and pains experienced during this period has still made their effects felt. However, not only Turks and Armenians but also Kurds and Assyrians suffered from the same sorrows. We have still encountered the historical, psychological and diplomatic dimensions of this drama, which took place in early period of the 20th century. In fact, the issue have became vicious cycle in the recent period. In addition, studying this issue unilaterally, with the sense of denial and accusation, has also fueled mutual hatred; hence, this approach has made difficult for the sides to understand each other on humanitarian and historical grounds. Therefore, we will organize an international symposium in which all aspects of the Turkish-Armenian issue will be discussed in detail.

The symposium, which will be held with the main theme of ‘‘Talking the Armenian Issue Together’’, is open to the participation of a certain number of national and international academicians and researchers who engage in Armenian studies from different perspectives. In the harmony with the main theme, the content of symposium will be centered on the main subjects of ‘‘Archive-History, Psychological Traumas, Unmourned Sorrows-Memoirs and Diplomatic Relations’’. In other words, it is expected that researchers share their studies, with a special focus, on Turkish-Armenian archival studies, Turks and Armenians’ common psychological traumas, historical sorrows and diplomatic relations.


The Objective of the Symposium:

The aim of this international symposium is to discuss and analyze the challenges and future prospects of the Turkish-Armenian issue with the distinguished scholars and academicians, who are experts in their fields. In a free and fair atmosphere, the scholars will engage in thoughtful discussions about the reexamination of the Turkish-Armenian challenge with respect to historical, political, psychological, sociological and cultural aspects. Indeed, the symposium aims to display that the historical events and sorrows affected both Turkish and Armenian communities; that is, they shared the same fate as a result of conditions of the period. Accordingly, the symposium intimately intends to create a common ground  in order to overcome Turkish-Armenian challenge and to provide practical solutions by eliminating prejudices. In fact, the respected scholars and the researchers, with the valuable scientific studies, will provide a middle ground for the Turkish-Armenian issue.

The organizing committee of the symposium is pleased to invite you, dintinguished scientists and researchers, to share original topics of your own fields in accordance with the main theme of the symposium.


Outcome of the Symposium:

The proceedings of the symposium will be compiled and published as a book.


Organizing Committee:

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bulut - President of the Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

Prof. Dr. Nasuh Uslu - Vice Rector of the Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

Doç. Dr. Beytullah Kaya - On Behalf of the Halil İnalcık Social Sciences and Research Center

Dr. Abdullah Tok - Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

Tarık Çelenk - Coordinator of the Center for Local and Regional Policies Research

Secretariat: Ar. Gör. Ali Demirel


Arbitration Board:

Prof. Dr. Kemal Çiçek - Turkish Historical Society

Prof. Dr. Necmettin Alkan - Sakarya University

Prof. Dr. Zekeriya Kurşun - Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University

Prof. Dr. Ziya Kazıcı - Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

Dr. Nuray Ocaklı - Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

Dr. Hilmi Kaçar - Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

Dr. Abdullah Tok - Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University


"The Speaker of our Symposium"

 Prof. Dr. Bülent Bakar - Marmara Üniversitesi

Prof. Dr. Feridun Ata - Selçuk Üniversitesi

Prof. Dr. Haluk Selvi - Sakarya Üniversitesi

Prof. Dr. Kadir Canatan - Sabahattin Zaim Üniversitesi

Prof. Dr. Kemal Çiçek - Eski Türk Tarih Kurumu Ermeni Masası Başkanı

Prof. Dr. Michael Gunter - board member of the Center for Eurasian Studies (AVIM)

Prof. Dr. Necmettin Alkan - Sakarya Üniversitesi

Dr. Patrick Walsh -

Prof. Dr. Ramazan Güllü - İstanbul Üniversitesi

Prof. Dr. Recep Karacakaya - Medeniyet Üniversitesi 

Prof. Dr. Süleyman Beyoğlu - Marmara Üniversitesi

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Halaçoğlu - Eski Türk Tarih Kurumu Bşk.

Prof. Dr. Yıldız Deveci Bozkuş - Ankara Üniversitesi


22 May 2021, Saturday



Opening Speeches: 12:00 – 13:00

Prof. Dr. Mehmet BULUT (President of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University)

Prof. Dr. Birol ÇETİN (Head of Turkish Historical Society)


SESSION I 13:00-15:30

1- Prof. Dr. Yıldız DEVECİ BOZKUŞ – 13:00-13:30

2- Prof. Dr. Kadir CANATAN – 13:30-14:00

3- Prof. Dr. Recep KARACAKAYA – 14:00-14:30

4- Prof. Dr. Bülent BAKAR – 14:30-15:00

Discussion: 15:00-15:30

Moderator-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Yıldız DEVECİ BOZKUŞ  


23 May 2021, Sunday


SESSION I 10:30-13:30

1- Prof. Dr. Kemal ÇİÇEK – 10:30-11:00

2- Dr. Patrick WALSH – 11:00-11:30

3- Prof. Dr. Ferudun ATA – 11:30-12:00

4- Prof. Dr. Ramazan Erhan GÜLLÜ – 12:00-12:30

Discussion: 10:30-13:30

Moderator-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Kemal ÇİÇEK


SESSION II 14:00- 17:00

1. Prof. Dr. Yusuf HALAÇOĞLU – 14:00-14:30

2. Prof. Dr. Necmettin ALKAN – 14:30-15:00

3. Prof. Dr. Michael GUNTER– 15:00-15:30

4. Prof. Dr. Haluk SELVİ – 15:30-16:00

5. Prof. Dr. Süleyman BEYOĞLU – 16:00-16:30

Discussion: 16:30-17:00

Moderator-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Yusuf HALAÇOĞLU



The symposium will be livestreamed on our university's youtube channel in Turkish and English, we will take your questions in writing. 



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