Microeconomics: Islamic Perspective

  • Tarihler: 04 – 04 Nis, 2019

Prof. Dr. Fahim Khan, 4 Nisan 2019 Perşembe günü, saat 15:30'da Seminer 1 Salonu’nda “Microeconomics: Islamic Perspective” başlıklı bir konferans verecektir.

Who is Prof. Dr. Fahim Han

With Master’s degree in Statistics and Master’s degrees in Political Economy and Development Economics and with Ph. D in Economics from Boston University, USA, Dr. Khan has about 50 years of experience in economic policy & planning, teaching & training, institutional capacity building, academic & policy-oriented research and advising & consulting.

He had the opportunity to work in the area of Economic policy and planning while working for Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan for 13 years in various senior positions. His important works are related to the issues concerning project planning and evaluation, socio economic analysis of projects, international economics, macro-econometric planning and forecasting models.

He played an instrumental role in establishing and enhancing the capacity of the School of Economics of International Islamic University. As Director of the School of Economics, he not only managed to develop the undergraduate and graduate programs of the School but also helped government bodies in policy studies. He, often, had to officiate as Vice President Administration of the university).

In Director level position in Islamic Development Bank, he built and enhanced the research and training capacity of Islamic Research and Training Institute. During this position he advised several national and international bodies on issues relating to economics, finance and Sharia besides publishing its research. In 2000, when the Supreme Court of Pakistan, asked the central bank of the country to form a high-level commission to transform the financial system of the country to conform to sharia, his services were borrowed from Islamic Development Bank in the position of adviser to the Governor, State Bank of Pakistan to become the member/secretary of this high-level commission. The work of the commission is the basis of the Islamic financial system now in practice in Pakistan.

He developed a Business Centre at the Riphah International University, Islamabad to offer a graduate program in Business and Finance and to provide advisory, consultancy and training services in the field.

He is a visiting Professor for Markfield Institute of Higher Studies, UK. He is also currently in the international advisory board of Dubai Centre for Islamic Banking and Finance, Hamdan bin Mohamed Smart University, UAE.

He published 12 books and several articles in refereed international journals besides contributing numerous conference papers, working papers and policy papers. His last publication is from Edward Elgar (UK) released in February 2010, with the title Islamic Banking and Finance in the European Union: A Challenge. As Chief Editor, he compiled the Annual reports for Dubai Centre of Islamic Banking and Finance for 2014; one on Growth, Efficiency, and Stability in Islamic Banking and Finance and the other on Takaful: Global Challenges to Growth, Performance and Governance.

He is currently a Professor Emeritus (Economics) and Director International Centre for Research in Islamic Economics at Minhaj University Lahore. I am also currently co-authoring a text book on Economic Policy in Islamic perspective and doing research on how to apply in Islamic Economics in Pakistan.