How can I register to IZUTEM?

 -Registrations can be made individually at IZU Halkali campus or via web address.

Documents Required for Registration;

1-Photocopy of the Passport

2-Photograph (1 piece)

3-Payment Receipt


Can I get information about course fees and payment?

 -Our tuition fees are listed in the table below.



Weekly Course Hours

Number of Weeks

Total Course Hours

2020-2021 Academic Year Module Fee

Beginner Level



7 Weeks


1.000 TL.



7 Weeks


1.000 TL.

Intermediate Level



7 Weeks


1.000 TL.



7 Weeks


1.000 TL.

Advanced Level



7 Weeks


1.000 TL.

Academic Turkish


7 Weeks


1.000 TL.



Turkish Certificate Exam (TCE) 300 TL.

Make-up Exam Fee is 150 TL.

Payments are made in advance to the contracted bank account.



Are there any discounts on course fees?

-There is no discount on the course fees. A 40% discount is applied to the first degree relatives of the faculty members working at our University.


How many students are there at least in a class in the courses?

-A class must have at least 15 students to be opened. Class sizes are maximum 20.


Do you hold any weekend courses?

-Training in the courses are conducted on weekdays. There is no training at the weekend.


Can I learn the days and hours of the lessons?

-Our lessons are held at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Halkali Campus and Altunizade Campus, usually every weekday between 09.30-13.00 / 13.30-17.00 / 17.30-21.00.


How many hours of lessons are there in a day? How many hours will I have in total?

-Trainings are given every weekday. The training is provided 4 hours a day, and 20 hours in total per a week. Excluding final exam, 140 hours of lessons are given in total.


What areas do the exams consist of?

-Exams are conducted in four areas. They are Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.


How many instructors do teach in each area?

-At least 2 and at most 3 instructors teach in a class.


How many points should I get at least to pass the exam?

-To pass the exam, it is required to get at least 15 points in each area. Students who do not get at least 15 points in the areas of Listening, Reading and Writing cannot take the Speaking exam.


Where can I learn the exam results?

-You can learn the result of the exams from the course instructors or from the contact addresses of IZUTEM.

Which books are taught in the courses?

-Istanbul Turkish for Foreigners textbooks are taught in the courses.


Is there an obligation to attend classes?

-140 hours of training is provided in one course. The student is required to attend classes for at least 112 hours. Otherwise, they will be able to take the final exam by paying a fee.


Is there an age limit to attend the courses?

-The youngest age range in our courses is 14-15. A children’s class is opened according to the density.


Do you have any female-specific course?

-We do not have any female-specific course.


Is any private lesson offered?

-Private lesson is not offered within the IZUTEM.


When we come as a group, would you generate a private class?

-A private class can be generated when at least 14 students from each level come as a group.


Can I get a student certificate after making the payment?

-After enrolling in the courses, the student can request a student certificate for the duration of the education.


Can I get an IETT card with the student certificate?

-Because the courses offered within the IZUTEM are certificate programs, IETT cards are not issued by the relevant institution.


Can I get a residence permit with the student certificate?

-Before registering for residence procedures, it is required to meet with the immigration authority. The immigration authority accepts 6-month or 1-year student certificate. For this, at least 4 levels must be registered in IZUTEM.

How long does it take to get my certificate and student certificate?

-Certificate and Student certificates can be received within the 3 working days after the student’s request of them.


Can I attend classes as a guest before registering?

-You cannot attend the courses as a guest.


Are the certificates I received valid in other Universities?

-The certificates received from IZUTEM are valid in all universities in Turkey. However, some universities admit only their exams as valid. Before applying, it had better to consult the relevant universities.


Is a Letter of Acceptance provided? If so, what are the conditions?

-In order for the student to receive an acceptance letter, it is sufficient to send the documents required to IZUTEM after making the payment of at least 2 levels of course fee.


Can a refund be issued in course fees?

-When a student who applies for a letter of acceptance cannot obtain a visa and presents an official document, a refund is given.

-The student who pay the tuition fees and cannot attend the courses for some reasons; after consulting with the competent authority and its approval, the refund is made. Otherwise, there is no refund for course payments. A refund is out of question particularly for those who receive a 1-year student certificate.


Can a class change be made?

-There is no change of class.