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Halil İnalcık History and Society Science Research and Application Center, was founded in 2016 in the memory and honor of our Professor Halil İnalcık’s 100th birthday. This center will convey his work to the new generation by following the principles of his academic work, and it will be the closest follower of his school. His works not only in the field of history but also in the fields of law, economics, Islamic sciences, and literature are taught as textbooks in most of the universities in the world. His work have been translated into many Balkan languages. Studies are also being conducted for other languages, like Chinese.

Halil İnalcık History and Society Science Research and Application Center, founded in İZÜ is equipped with the capacity to conduct all kinds of studies in many social sciences especially history by taking Prof. Dr. Halil İnalcık as a guide.  We will organize seminars, congresses, symposiums and we will try to maximally convey his methodology to the new generation.  Certainly this center, which was a gift to İnalcık’s 100th Anniversary, will be an example for such studies.

Who is Halil İnalcık?

Professor Dr. Halil İnalcık is one of the scientists of the world. During his academic years Prof. Dr. İnalcık was well respected not only in Turkey, but in the world. After his retirement from the University of Ankara DTCF, he started teaching at the University of Chicago which gave him a new working period. He established Faculty of History in Bilkent University in 1993 which enabled him to spend the most productive academic years of his life in his country. The work that he has written in 75 years were not only high in numbers but also high in quality that gave him a reputation that no scientist can reach easily, more importantly this works conduced toward raising student who will continue his path. He has done research on the level that will be mentioned in a Halil İnalcık school all over the world and these have been accepted. Specific working principles, scientific neutrality, proper evaluation of literature of the languages that he knew are of his remarkable characters. To date, he has been awarded honorary doctorates for his work from 22 separate universities. He was awarded by King Faisal which is the Noble Prize of Islamic world in 2011 and this added to his respect.

Prof. Dr. Halil Inalcik has passed away in 26th of July in 2016.

Academic Staff


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Mehdi İLHAN

Board members

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Mehdi İLHAN

Prof. Dr. Mehmet BULUT

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin KÖKTAŞ

Prof. Dr. Kadir CANATAN

Prof. Asst. Nuray OCAKLI

Future Activities


International Symposium on "Multiculturalism and Migration in the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey"

Hall İnalcık Tarih ve Toplum Bilimleri Araştırma Merkezi