Students and staff of our university; and researchers from outside can benefit from the library service within the framework of the following rules.

  1. Students, academic and administrative staff of our university are automatically accepted as members of the library. However, in order to borrow books, they have to present their institutional ID card and become a member.
  2. As a requirement of the cooperation between the universities, our library is accessible to the use of academic staff and students of other universities. However, it is only possible for them to borrow material through their own university library.
  3. Academic staff can borrow 10 books for 2 months. The students can borrow 3 books for 15 days, and administrative staff can borrow 3 books for 30 days. Encyclopaedia, dictionary, atlas etc. reference books can be borrowed only 1 copy and for 7 days. The lending period can be extended twice on the conditions that the book is shown to the library and is not requested by another user. When necessary, the Head of Department might re-determine the lending periods and the number of materials that can be borrowed.
  4. Library materials cannot be taken outside without permission. Legal actions are taken for those who attempt to remove them without permission.
  5. The following books cannot be borrowed.
    • Dissertations, Rare Books, and those published before the year 1960.
    • Textbooks which are determined by the instructors and requested as not to be lent.
  6. The students are required to obtain a discharge certificate from the library when they graduate or if their registration is cancelled. The students who are indebted to the library are not given the certificate of discharge.
  7. The personnel who leave the university for the reasons of university retirement, transfer, resignation, military service etc., must obtain a discharge certificate by returning the books that they have borrowed. The discharge certificate is not given to those staff who owes the library.
  8. The users who does not return the borrowed materials even after the lending period is passed cannot be lent other materials.
  9. People who are from outside the institution and want to do research on any subject can use our library.For this, they have to come to the university in person and apply.


    When necessary, our library may restrict the user rights of those users who come from the outside of the institution, especially during the mid-term and final exams. You can find out the information as to whether there are restrictions or not, and the current status information on our library website.

  10. IZU members can request books, magazines etc. materials to be purchased by the library. For these demands;
    • They can verbally convey it in person to the library staff.
    • They can write to these email addresses: or
    • As a Head of Department or Faculty, they can request with an official letter.


    The requests made are put into process and the materials in question are procured to attain.

  11. Food and drinks (except water) are not allowed in our libraries.
  12. Penal Provisions;
  • For each book or magazine that is borrowed and not returned on its day a daily penalty of 50 Kurus is applied. Books cannot be lent to those whose fines exceed 25.00 TL.
  • For the library item that has been damaged irreparably or lost, the same or the newer edition of the item is requested from the borrower. If it is not possible to find the same item or the newer edition, 50% more of the current value of the item is collected from the borrower.
  • If the staff does not return the borrowed materials after the second warning, the materials are assumed to be lost. In this case, the materiel’s current value with 50% more is reported to the Department of Budget by means of deducting from the related staff’s salary.
  • The money collected for the materials returned late or lost are recorded as income to the University. These incomes are primarily used for the needs of the library.