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Quotas According to Application Periods

2018-1-TR01-KA103-051573 Erasmus + project with the contract number Erasmus + is determined by the National Agency according to the budget allocated to the university for the internship mobility activity, according to the following table on the basis of academic units.


Quato with Grant

Faculty of Education


Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Faculty of Health Sciences


Faculty of Law


Faculty of Business and Administration


Faculty of Islamic Sciences


Institute of Social Sciences


Institute of Science and Technology




Distribution Method of Primary Quotas

University Erasmus Commission With the decision no. 2018/05 dated 02.11.2018, it was decided to make the quota distribution for 2018-2019 Summer Term Studen Mobility for Trainee applications with the following method.

Substitute Quotas

At the end of the general evaluation, all candidates who meet the minimum requirements for participation (at least 2.20 for the bachelor's degree and at least 2.50 for the graduate programs, have a foreign language score at the B2 level), but who cannot enter the rank of the noble grants within the related faculty / institute are ranked according to the general evaluation scores. will be taken to the reserve list of the relevant academic unit.

Distribution of Main Quotas within the Faculty / Institute

The nomination of candidates who apply to the total number of grants allocated to the faculties and institutes and to meet the minimum participation requirements at the end of the general evaluation will be made starting from the different department / program students who have the highest general assessment score in the related faculty / institute.

If the quota is vacant or waived, the quota allocation shall be distributed by the same procedure within the related faculty or institute.

Not using Faculty or Institute Quota

In the event that the quota allocated to the related faculty / institute is not available, the remaining quotas will be distributed starting from the different department / program students with the highest general assessment score in the other faculties / institutes.