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Residence First Application


Students enrolled in an academic program in Türkiye for three months or longer are obliged to acquire a student residence permit per the Law on Foreigners and International Protection. The Student Residence Permit allows you to stay in Türkiye during your study period. All international students, regardless of their status, must apply for the student residence permit within a month of their arrival in Türkiye. To do this, you need to make an online residence permit application and submit your files. However, do not worry; we will guide you through the process and provide you with the related information taken from the Istanbul Immigration Office.

However, it is your responsibility to prepare all the documents listed below and submit them to the Immigration Office on time!

You must complete the following documents after the registration so that you can submit your hard copy application file to the Immigration Office immediately. If you do not provide all the documents on time, then you will have to submit them to the Immigration Office later. For this reason, your card may arrive late and you may encounter legal problems such as paying a fine or deportation.

Important Notes:

  • An application can only be made after entering Türkiye and registering at the university. Residence permit applications made from abroad are invalid. Students wishing to apply for the residence permit or to prolong the duration of the residence permit must be in Türkiye.
  • Turkish citizens / blue cardholders do not need to get a residence permit. If you have Turkish citizenship or a blue card, please email us or student affairs.
  • Students cannot leave Türkiye before obtaining the residence permit document. Departing from Türkiye before the residence permit application may be evaluated results in rejection. Your application may get canceled.
  • Students are responsible for prolonging their residence permit according to their study period if needed.
  • Student’s passports must be valid for at least 60 days beyond the requested ending date of the residence permit. Make sure your passport is valid for six months minimum. (We recommend that your passport be for at least 5 years. In this way, it is possible to obtain a longer residence permit.)
  • If you already have a short-term residence permit, you can make a “transfer application” for the student residence permit. Please let us know via email.
  • If you are coming from another university in Türkiye to Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, you must apply for a residence permit within 10 days after leaving your previous university. In addition, you need to get a document as proof of leaving your university before joining Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University.
  • The International Office checks the documents before you submit them to the Immigration Office. Please get in contact with the International Office to show your documents before your document submission to the Immigration Office.
  • Missing documents can lead your card’s evaluation to be late and your card’s arrival may be late for this reason. Avoid this especially if you have little time left before your visa expires. You may encounter legal problems such as paying fine or deportation.




    The tax number is necessary for important payments and processes, such as the residence permit fee, opening a bank account, and/or registering your mobile phones. Once you receive your residence permit card, you will have your foreign ID number on it. You can use your foreign ID number for all legal issues; however, until you receive it, the tax number is the ID number you will be using. Thus, you need to obtain a tax number upon your arrival.

    There are two ways to obtain a tax number:

  • Online Application: Visit the official web page of the Tax Office at

    Click on the Application for Non-Citizen’s Potential Tax Number button at the bottom of the page.

  • The application form has English explanations, and it requires you to upload your passport ID scan. The system will give you a Tax ID number once you submit the form. Please enable cookies and pop-ups on your browser since your Tax ID number will be given to you as an official letter in a PDF format. If you cannot obtain an online tax number, you must visit the nearest tax office in person.
  • In-person application: You need to visit a Tax office with your original passport and its copy. Enter the building and go to the “YABANCILAR İÇİN VERGİ NUMARASI” or “SİCİL İŞLEMLERİ” desk. The personnel might not be able to speak English. Therefore, you can bring this message to anyone, and they will help you:

    “Merhaba! Ben İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim Üniversitesinden geliyorum. Yabancı uyrukluyum. Vergi numarası almaya geldim. Yardımınız için teşekkürler.” (Hello! I study at Istanbul Zaim University and I am foreigner. I came here to obtain a tax ID number. Thank you for your help in advance.)

    See below the address of the Tax office:

    ⇒ Halkali Tax Office: Ziya Gökalp Mah. Turgut Özal Cad. İ.O.S.B. Dolapdere Sanayi Sitesi Maliye Kompleksi İkitelli, Başakşehir/İSTANBUL

    Note: If you already have a tax number or Foreign ID Number, you do not have to get a Tax Number again.


    Warning! If you are abroad, you cannot apply for a residence permit!

    It is necessary to upload your biometric photo in ICAO standards taken within the last six months to the form. Please have your biometric headshot photograph in the JPEG version available on your computer.

    Click to start your online application. Once your online application is complete, you should print it out, sign the signature line on the first page at the bottom, and add it to your file along with your other documents. You must prepare all required documents by yourself, and please make sure that you do not have any missing documents.

    Your appointment date and time will be sent by the Immigration Office to you as SMS/email message, and it may take 5 or 7 days to receive it. Please be patient. If you do not receive after 5-7 days, you can send an email to




    You can make the payment online by following the below instructions:

    1. Visit //

    2. Click on the “Harç ve Değerli Kağıt Bedeli Ödeme” button.

    3. Click on the “Göç İdaresi İkamet Tezkeresi Harç Ödeme” button.

    4. Type the Tahakkuk no (Accrue no) into the “Başvuru Numarası” box and then the verification code as seen below in the “Güvenlik Kodu” box.

    5. Your accrue no is indicated in your residence permit online application form (1st page).

    6. Please make sure you allow cookies and popups for this webpage to be able to download the receipt.

    7. Please download and print the receipt once you are done with the payment.

    8. Please note that you should pay only the card fee (356₺).

    If you cannot pay online:

    You must first obtain a tax ID number and then pay it via either Tax Office, Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank, or Vakıf Bank with the 9207-reference code. If you already have a residence permit card before, you can use the old residence card number as a tax number. If you are below 18, you are not authorized to pay the card fee for yourself. Therefore, you may ask a relative or a friend to pay your card fee in your name with your tax ID number. Please note that the payment of the card fee must be in your name with your tax ID number.

    See below the address of the Tax office:

    Halkali Tax Office: Ziya Gökalp Mah. Turgut Özal Cad. İ.O.S.B. Dolapdere Sanayi Sitesi Maliye Kompleksi İkitelli, Başakşehir/İSTANBUL

    Make sure to have more than 356₺ cash with you when you go to pay. The personnel might not be able to speak English. Therefore, you can bring this message to anyone, and they will help you:

    “Merhaba! Ben İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim Üniversitesinden geliyorum. Yabanci Uyrukluyum. İkamet kart ücreti ödemeye geldim. Yardiminiz icin tesekkurler.” (Hello! I study at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University and am a foreigner. I came here to pay my residence card fee. Thank you for your help in advance.)

    If you pay your residence card fee via bank, please ensure you have a stamp on the receipt. If not, please ask for a stamp (in TR.: Makbuza mühür basar mısınız?)

    Never throw away the original payment document as you have to deliver it to the Immigration Office along with other documents; keep the original document. Otherwise, you will have to pay again.


    Once you finish your online application and payment, submit the required documents below to the Immigration Office:


    1. The Receipt of Residence Permit Card Payment: If you paid the fee (356₺) at the tax office or bank, submit the original receipt.

    2. The printout of the Residence Permit Application Form: Do not forget to sign the signature section on the first page.

    3. The printout of your Passport ID page

    4. The printout of your Passport Last Entry Stamp Page of Turkey

    5. If exists, Visa Page or e-Visa copy

    6. Four (4) Biometric pictures: Full face, front view with a plain white background, taken within 6 months, in size 4x6.

    7. Student Certificate. (Obtain this form from Student Affairs).

      8. Address Certificate: Download it at             After printing out the document, fill it out with your own handwriting.

       9. Address Document:

  • Please get a notarized rental agreement of your residency or water/electricity etc. bill under your name and use its copy as the address document. Keep one copy for yourself in order to use it for the address registration step later. (Also, there are several addresses that can not be used for the residence permit address registration. You can check these addresses on
  • If you stay with your friends and relatives, please ask your friend or relative to come with you to the notary. You have to get a letter of commitment (Taahhütname) via their help. Keep one copy for yourself in order to use it for address registration step later.
  • The Health Insurance Compliance Document: Download it on; Should be filled and signed by the applicant.

Please keep in mind that you will give your fingerprints during your document submission. That is why you have to be there physically.

For the notaries in İstanbul:


After the last check of the International Office, you have to submit your documents to the Immigration Office and give your fingerprints. Ensure that you collected all documents.

You need to take your documents to your Immigration Office choice which you made on your online application form.

Please keep your passport and student ID card with you all the time.

All document preparation step is entirely your responsibility. The follow-up of card’s status belongs to you.

Appointment date and time information will be sent by the Immigration Office in 5-7 days. The follow-up of your SMS or email messages regarding this information is entirely your responsibility. If you miss your appointment, you have to create a new online application on the system.

In case of any missing documents, your application may be rejected or put aside until you bring your missing document. For this reason, we suggest you check the application status page regularly after your document submission.

The related page is If you face any trouble during the submission of your documents, please contact us.

Please keep a copy of your residence permit application form for yourself so that you can track your residence permit application status.


The Immigration Administration is fully authorized to approve or reject your application and to mail your card to you. The period between the processing of your application and the receipt of your card may take up to 30-45 days.

As the International Office, we are only responsible for providing the related information regarding your residence permit card application.

Once the Immigration Office goes over your files and approves your application file, the confirmation SMS / email for your application approval will be sent to you. After receiving the message, your card will be printed and posted by the Immigration Office. Your card is delivered to your contact address by the official carrier, PTT. You must be ready at the address you provided in the application form to receive the card. The mail carrier will not hand over the residence card to anyone other than you. If the postman cannot find you at your address, the PTT will return your card to the Immigration Directorate.

You can see the result on only after the evaluation of the immigration authority. Login to the system by entering your mobile number or your e-mail address and passport number that you used in the application along with your application number. The result of your application evaluation (positive or negative) will appear on the screen. If your application is approved, click on the "post tracking" link on the same page to find out the printing status of your card. If your card has not been printed yet, the barcode number will give an error. If it is printed, you can follow the delivery stage of your card according to the barcode number.

Please be aware that tracking your residence permit card during the posting process is fully your responsibility. To receive your card, make sure you provide the correct address on the application form.

Be aware that the Immigration Administration might ask for some extra documents depending on your situation. After receiving your residence permit card, please bring it to the Student Affairs.

If your application is rejected or your missing documents are requested by the immigration administration, visit the Immigration Office that you have submitted your documents before with your passport and provide your missing documents.

Attention: You cannot leave Türkiye without obtaining your residence permit card. If you do so, you will receive a penalty depending on your case; moreover, your application will be cancelled by the Immigration Office.