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Step by Step Registration

IZU registration dates are from June 10, 2019 to August 29, 2019. After being accepted to an undergraduate program at Istanbul Zaim University, you should immediately start working on registration. You should pay utmost attention to below instructions to experience a smooth process. Remember, the registration process is time sensitive. You will lose your accepted status in case you are late to register. Be sure to finish your registration process in advance.

1st Step: The Certificate of Equivalence (Denklik Belgesi)

The certificate of equivalence certifies that the education you have taken is equivalent to the education in Turkey. You cannot enroll to a university in Turkey without the certificate of equivalence. Thus, it should be your first step for registration. Here is how you obtain the certificate of equivalence.

You are required to submit your original high school diploma and transcripts of all years of your education to one of the following offices:

  1. The education counselors and education attaché office of Turkey located in the country where you reside. Please click here to see the list of the educational attaché in your country. You may find this office inside Turkish Embassies or consulates. This is the easiest, quickest and surest way to obtain the certificate. By obtaining your certificate before travelling to Turkey you ensure that you are eligible to enroll at a Turkish university.

  2. The offices of provincial national education directorate in Turkey. The closest one is located in Sultanahmet District, İstanbul. Work load of the ministry in İstanbul spikes on August and September. We strongly recommend you to apply for the certificate well in advance. Please click here to see the location of the Provincial Directorate of National Education.

Important: consider this option only if there is not an attaché office in your country. If you have to apply for the certificate in İstanbul then this cannot be your first step; however, you should understand that this is the most important document for registration. If you live in Turkey, this should absolutely be your 1st step

2nd Step: Payment of Tuition

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University is a non-profit foundation university. It is a type of university that is funded by charity and student fee. Therefore, students are required to pay for tuition prior to start of classes each semester. You are required to present the proof of payment at enrolment. The fees and scholarships page explains important information regarding payment of fees and scholarship.

3rd Step: Accommodation 

You should consider where to live in İstanbul before coming. If you would like to apply for IZU Student Guesthouses, you should follow its application dates. İstanbul is the second largest city in the world with the number of universities. So you may find many options for accommodation.

4th Step: Travelling to Istanbul

You will be allocated with a mentor before you travel. It is best if you purchase tickets for your journey with consultation as your mentor might want to be there for your arrival. In case you did not obtain certificate of equivalence before you travel, we would recommend you to arrive in İstanbul at least 3 weeks before the end of registration period.

5th Step: Registration

Come to IZU Halkalı Campus and take along the required documents and others you submitted in your application. First, the international office will check authenticity of your documents. Then you will be directed to the office of student affairs where you will complete your registration.

Here is the list of required documents for registration;

  1. Acceptance Letter
  2. Passport or Republic of Turkey Identity Card
  3. Original High School Diploma
  4. Original High School Transcript
  5. Certificate of Equivalence (Denklik Belgesi)
  6. Portrait Photos x4
  7. Proof of Payment (If you are rewarded with %100 scholarship, do not consider it)
  8. Language Proficiency Certificate (if applicable)
  9. Residence Permit (if applicable)
  10. The Certificate of Equivalence (Denklik Belgesi)

Please keep us informed throughout the process so that we may help you: