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Equivalence Certificate

It certifies that the education you have taken is equivalent to the education in Turkey. You cannot enroll to a university in Turkey without the certificate of equivalence. Here is how you obtain the certificate of equivalence.

Here are the steps to obtain the certificate of equivalence:

1-Select the place to apply which suits you best:
It is better and easier for you to apply for the certificate of the equivalence while you are in your country. You need find the office of Educational Attaché in your country. Please click here to see the list of the educational attaché in your country. If your country is not on the list, you need to apply for the certificate of equivalence as soon as you come to Turkey.

2-Prepare the required documents:
Original of your diploma and transcripts of all years should be ready when you apply for the certificate of the equivalence. Please do not forget to get stamp on your original documents. Because either Educational Attaché in your country or Provincial Directorate of National Education do not accept the documents, which are not, verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3-Applying equivalence certificate in Turkey

Students may apply online for the equivalence certificate at . All of the detailed information is available at .

Suggestion: It is recommended to choose PROVINCIAL: İstanbul, DISTRICT: Büyükşehir in the selection of Equivalence Center when applying online for the Equivalence Certificate.

4-Take the original documents back from the Provincial Directorate of National Education:
After they evaluate your application for the certificate of the equivalence, either they will issue the certificate of equivalence or they will not be able to issue it. If they issue the certificate, you should bring all the required documents to the Student Affairs to complete your registration.


Important Notes:

  • If there is not any Educational Attache in your home country or if you have not taken your certificate of the equivalence, yet you should apply as soon as you arrive to Turkey.
  • Bear in mind that the application process for the certificate of the equivalence may take a long time.
  • The students who did not submit their valid residence permit at the time of the application will most probably get the temporary certificate of the equivalence. Then, if they bring the residence permit, their permanent certificate of equivalence will be issued.

A report taken from primary and secondary institutions abroad.

Transcript, education certificate, and schools documents are examined to find out the equivalent in Turkey such as the area, department, and branch. (Ministry of National Education Equivalence Regulation)

Equivalence processing; the provincial national education directorates in Turkey, the education counselors and education attache offices abroad. Applications for equivalence are made to these institutions. (Ministry of National Education Equivalence Regulation)

For those who have applied for equivalence certificate, the originals and photocopies of the following documents shall be attached to the Application Form. (Ek-1 for Equivalence Form)

a) Documents for the last primary education school year they received from the schools they have attended, certificate of separation if there is a learning certificate.

b) Documents for the last secondary education school year they received from the schools they have attended, certificate of separation if there is a learning certificate.

c) Secondary education school completion certificate, certificate of study for the last academic year received from the institution of study abroad, diploma (original "Apostille" certified diploma).

d) Translation made by sworn translators of the passport used during the study abroad, or the entry and exit dates and pages of the passport.

e) In the case that there is no field instructor or specialist in the institution to perform the equivalence process, Turkish translations made by sworn translators of foreign documents are accepted. (Ministry of National Education Equivalence Regulation)

* Translation of documents are not required in these languages: English, German, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Bulgarian, Bosnian and Romanian.

Yes. (MEB. TTKB. No. 2236435 and dated 28/08/2013)

  1. Complete all the documents needed for the equivalence certificate application.


  2. Documents’ originals and photocopies should be put in a transparent file.


  3. The application form is completed and signed.


  4. The applications shall be made to the Higher Education and Overseas Education Branch (Office 1) by the person or a legal guardian on the request for the Equivalence Certificate. After the files are examined, they are delivered to the "Document Registration" unit with the special file (transparent cover) for necessary processing.


  5. At the end of the necessary examinations made by the relevant experts, the equivalents of those deemed appropriate are prepared. (Approximately 14 days)


  6. The originals of the documents handed over at the application stage are submitted to the applicant or his legal representative in the special file (transparent cover) together with the Equivalence Certificate.

Please click here to download the equivalence application form.

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The students coming from schools opened abroad by the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are not subjected to this process. These students will be enrolled in the same kind of school according to the certificate of attestation, diploma and other educational documents, and the files are requested from the school. Registration and admission to schools that receive students with a central exam and aptitude test in our country are carried out according to the provisions of the special regulations of the schools. (Ministry of National Education Equivalence Regulation)

For electronic education/distance education methods operations are not performed. (Ministry of National Education Equivalence Regulation)

Those who have earned the right to attend a higher education by completing the school level in the country where they arrive in a shorter period of time, their rights to attend a higher education level will be protected. (Ministry of National Education Equivalence Regulation)

The Equivalency Documents can be confirmed by going through the following steps from the website "".

- Enter your security code.

- Enter the document number. (The last 7 digits in the heading 'Number' at the top of the Equivalence Certificate)

- Enter the document code. (Located at the bottom of the Equivalence Certificate)

- Click on the Send button.