"The Future of the Arab Spring in the Age of Trumpism and Authoritarianism"

The Center for Islam and Global Affairs (CIGA) is hosting a seminar to discuss the Arab Spring and its future.

Title of the Seminar: "The Future of the Arab Spring in the Age of Trumpism and Authoritarianism"

Speakers: Prof Dr Richard Falk and Prof Dr Sami A. Al-Arian

Moderator: Prof Dr Ömer Çaha

Date: March 13, 2019, Wednesday

Time: 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Venue: Seminar Hall-1, IZU

Host: Center for Islam and Global Affairs (CIGA) at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University (IZU)

Who is Professor Dr Richard Falk?

Richard Falk is the Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law and Practice Emeritus, Princeton University and currently a Distinguished Research Fellow, at Orfalea Center of Global Studies, UCSB. He was UN Special Rapporteur for Occupied Palestine, 2008- 2014. In 2017 Dr. Falk co-authored a UN report entitled “Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and Question of Apartheid” that generated controversy and widespread discussion. He is Senior Vice President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. In 2018 he was Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Institute of State Crime, Queen Mary’s University London, UK and Visiting Professor at International College, Torino, Italy. In 1972 he published This Endangered Planet: Prospects and Proposals for Human Survival (1972). His most recent book is Revisiting the Vietnam War: The Selected Writing of Richard Falk, ed. Stefan Andersson (2017). Other recent books are Humanitarian Intervention and Legitimacy Wars (2014), Palestine: The Legitimacy of Hope (2015), Chaos & Counterrevolution: After the Arab Spring (2015), Power Shift: On the New Global Order (2016); Waiting for Rainbows (poetry) (2016); Palestine’s Horizon: Towards a Just Peace (2017). In recognition of his work in the area of human rights, Euro Med Monitor has created an annual ‘Falk Award’ given to young refugees that overcome the challenges of their status. Falk has been annually nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize since 2009.

Who is Professor Dr Sami A. Al-Arian?

Sami A. Al-Arian is the Director of the Center for Islam and Global Affairs (CIGA) and Public Affairs Professor at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. He received his PhD in Computer Engineering in 1986, and was a tenured academic in the US for two decades receiving best teaching awards at the University of South Florida (1993 and 1994) and several grants, as well as having over forty publications to his credit. During his four decades in the US (1975-2015), Dr. Al-Arian founded numerous institutions and publications in the fields of education, research, religion and interfaith, as well as civil and human rights. He was a prolific speaker across many US campuses, especially on Palestine, Islam and the West, and Civil Rights. In 2001, he was named by Newsweek the “premiere civil rights activist” in the US for his efforts to repeal the use of Secret Evidence in immigration courts. In 2012, he was profiled by historians in the Encyclopedia of American Dissidents as one of only three Muslims in the US out of 152 dissidents and prisoners of conscience that were included in the series in the past century (along with Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali).  His US story was featured in 2007 in the award-winning documentary “US vs. Al-Arian,” and in 2016 in the book “Being Palestinian.” Dr. Al-Arian has written several studies and numerous articles focusing on US foreign policy, Palestine, and the Arab Spring phenomena. His book of poetry on Spirituality, Palestine, and Human Rights Conspiring Against Joseph was published in 2004.        

Who is Professor Dr Ömer Çaha?

Ömer Çaha is Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. His areas of research include women’s movements, political theory, and theory of democracy. Dr Çaha has many books and publications in English and Turkish including, Women and Civil Society in Turkey: Women’s Movements in a Muslim Society (2012); Türkiye’de Cam Tavan Sendromu [Glass Ceiling Syndrome in Turkey, 2016] (with Havva Çaha and Sare Aydın); Dünyada ve Türkiye’de Siyasi İdeolojiler [Political Ideologies in Turkey and the World, 2014] (with Bican Şahin); Değişen Türkiye’de Kadın [Women in Changing Turkey, 2014] (with Havva Çaha and Sare Aydın), Sivil Toplum ve Devlet [Civil Society and the State, 6th ed., 2014]; Kadın Örgütleri ve Yerel Demokrasi [Women’s Organizations and Local Democracy, 2012] (with Havva Çaha); Women and Politics: Class Differences in Feminism, 2008. He also co-edited several volumes including Türkiye’de ve Dünyada Aile [Family in the World and in Turkey, 2006], and Process of EU Enlargement in the 21st Century: New Challenges, (with Peter Terem), published in 2005 by the University of Matej Bel.

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