Obeid Ruff, Esq., CFE, CIFE, is a Research Fellow and editor at the Center for Islam and Global Affairs (CIGA) and assistant to the rector at Istanbul Zaim University. He is an Attorney by profession, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and Certified Islamic Finance Executive. Obeid is a policy advisor for the Islamic Reporting Initiative. As an Islamic Finance practitioner, he adapted an Islamic Finance platform to be compliant with USA accounting standards, and was recipient of the 2017 Cambridge IFLP Islamic Finance Leadership Award. He was the first program director to successfully develop a CDL program for a 4-year University in the US. He structured and implemented the commercial driver training program for Amazon Prime. He was a Chief Analyst for a Fortune 500 Financial Services company during the Global Financial Crisis. He co-founded an academic journal focused on Islamic management and business. In addition to holding a doctorate degree in law (Creighton University, USA), he has completed leadership training in Islamic Banking and Finance at Clare College, University of Cambridge (UK), religious studies and Aramaic Law (Al Quds, Palestine), has certifications in English as a Foreign Language (UK and China), Policymaking (British Council), and British Empire studies (Exeter University, UK). While in law school, he was research assistant to world-renowned economist Edward Morse, and mentored in Constitutional Law by US Supreme Court Justice Mr. JUSTICE Clarence Thomas. During his studies in Al Quds, he was mentored by Nobel Prize laureate Robert Aumann (2005, Economics, Game Theory).