Asst. Prof. Esam Abdel-Shafi, PhD

Essam Abdelshafy is the chairman of the International Relations Academy (IRA) in Turkey, and was a professor of political sciences at Sakarya University in Turkey. Dr. Abdelshafy also serves as the manager of the Egyptian Institute for Political and Strategic Studies. He received his PhD degree in political sciences and international relations from Cairo University, Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences in 2009, as well as his MA degree in political science in 2003. He was previously a visiting researcher at Al-Jazeera Centre for Studies, and director of the Studies and Research Directorate in the Diplomatic Center for Strategic Studies in Doha, Qatar. As a visiting professor in the political science department, he served in the Faculty of Commerce at Alexandria University, the Faculty of Commerce at Damanhour University, and the Faculty of Economics and Management at the 6th of October University in Egypt. Dr. Abdelshafy also served as an associate professor at the Civilization Center for Political Studies in Cairo and is an author of many books and papers on Egypt and the US.