Dilek Yücel-Kamadan

Dilek Yücel Kamadan received her MSc.  in Computer Sciences at the Vienna University of Technology. She obtained certificates in Project Management and Gender & Diversity Management. As a Fellow she joined the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship Program at Cambridge University in the field of innovative entrepreneurship and social sciences and is also Alumna of the "Turkey-Europe Future Forum" Fellowship of the German Foundation Stiftung Mercator. She acted for more than 11 years as a mentor in a youth organization that aims to include Muslim Youth within the Austrian society. During her time as a science teacher at an Austrian public school, she was awarded with the Fairness Award of the Austrian Ministry of Education for her project "Inclusion 3.0" due to her effort to include pupils with migration background and create an understanding for these children among Austrian teachers at school. Coming to Turkey, she worked as a Project Manager & Training Specialist at TRT WORLD and as an advisor at the Turkish Grand National Assembly in the field of Islamophobia and Turkish Diaspora in Europe. Currently she is pursuing her PhD in Political Science and International Relations at the Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. Besides being native in German and Turkish, she also speaks English, a bit of Bosnian and is learning Arabic and Spanish. Her academic interests include Islamophobia Studies, Muslim Minorities, Turkish Diaspora and Transculturalism and Muslim Youth Empowerment in Europe.