Abdullah Jurat

Abdullah JURAT is a Research Associate at Center for Islam and Global Affairs and a PhD student in Political Science and International Relations at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. Since the year 2013, he volunteered as a core-member of WOSY (World Organization for Students and Youth) in India. Abdullah gained his BA degree in Economics as an ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) Scholar in Pune University, India, continuing to take part in volunteer works as well as attending and organizing international conferences, seminars focusing on nation-building. At the same time, he took an extra a-year diploma in International Relations and the United Nations at the Crystal Institute of Information Technology and Management. In 2016, he went to Erciyes University in Turkey, attaining a master's degree in Political Economics along with a semester in Development Economics and International Studies at Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen-Nurnberg University, in Erlangen, Germany. Abdullah has experience of working in hazardous warzone regions in Afghanistan. His professional interests focus on Political Science, Development Economics and the geopolitics of the Turkic-origin countries in South and Central Asia. Adding to his expertise, Abdullah has researched on Environmental degradation and had co-authored an article on Government Sales Tax. Besides his native Uzbek language, he is fluent in English, Turkish, Persian-Dari-Tajiki, Urdu-Hindi, and has good knowledge of Russian, German and Arabic.