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Food service at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University is given by a private catering company with ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 which is quality certificated. Meals are cooked in our university, in a hygienic kitchen environment. Our food service offers a self service procedure, and provides a variety of menu choice to our students to choose from.

IZU Campus is located at a central point where it is easily accessible for all students from regions of Istanbul. Our campus is 10 minutes away from Sefaköy Metrobus station. Students who wish to reach the campus can use the ring services from Marmaray, Yenibosna, Sefakoy, Basaksehir, Kazlıceşme and Bagcilar.

There are various canteens and cafeterias in the campus for students who want to relax or have a bite during their free time. They are located in a green environment, also the cafeterias and canteens are a privileged meeting point for our students. The cafeterias provide services to meet the recreational, relaxational and nutritional needs of our students.

With its professional monitoring team and the advanced camera systems, IZU maintains the required peace and order of the Campus 24/7. Our security officers work in different areas at the main entrances of our campuses, such as the vehicle and person control entrances, ensuring the safety of our buildings both day and night. Always taking the required safety precautions during university meetings, and in student meetings and exams.

Our university provides cleaning services with a professional team. The tasks of our teams consist the following; daily hall corridor cleaning, class and office cleaning, collecting waste, glass cleaning, cleaning toilets, intervening in the event of unexpected contamination, cleaning in-depth during the interim periods of the school, rough and fine cleaning of the buildings completed throughout the campus, cleaning the entrance gates of faculties and units, cleaning the interior and exterior glazing of the faculty buildings on determined periodicals, cleaning conference halls and foyer areas by following daily programs, and preparing the halls for; conferences, presentations, panels, sessions and so on.