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Final Registration Procedures and Required Documents

Final Registration Procedures and Required Documents


  • T.R. ID card photocopy for nationals (For foreign students, passport photocopy),
  • 2 passport photos,
  • Declaration of Residence (Residence Permit for Foreign Students)
  • Criminal record and archive record document,
  • Health report issued by a physician showing that his/her health status is suitable for staying in the Dormitories (Reports must be obtained from specialist physicians. Reports that do not include Hbs-Ap, Anti-Hbs, Anti-Hcv, Anti-Hiv, Lung Digital Pa X-Ray -Tuberculosis screening and analysis results are invalid. If the report is received from the family doctor, the necessary screening-analysis result documents must be attached to the report. It is obligatory to renew the health reports every year before the registration of the Dormitories.)
  • Signed "Service Delivery Commitment" confirming the acceptance of the rules and decisions regarding the Dormitories (The Documents will be Provided on Time by the Dormitories Administration.)
  • Bank receipt of the relevant payment of the dormitory fees (except for the students who have the dormitories scholarship).

Final registration to the dormitories takes place with the delivery of the above-mentioned documents to the dormitory management and the signing of the relevant undertaking.

Our students are expected to take care in obtaining the documents before they come to the registration and submitting them to the dormitory staff during registration so that they do not experience any grievances during their entrance to the dormitories. Documents must be renewed every year at the time of application.

Dormitory Principle and Regulation is given in the adds as PDFfile.