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Application and Registration

Once you have completed your enrollment process at our university, you must fill in the pre-registration application form.

Once the pre-registration and the pre-interview process has been completed, you must pay the guesthouse fee for the finalization of your registration.

Instructions for the Guesthouse Pre-Application Form

  1. Through the link, log in with username and password.
  2. Please click on the Guesthouse Application System from the Application Management and Application Forms on the left side of the page.
  3. Once you have filled in the form, click on Complete Application.

Other Explanations

  • We cannot guarantee acceptance to all our students who apply.
  • The pre-interview will be appointed to the applicants after the pre-application has been completed.
  • It will be provided by Skype for applicants outside the country or outside Istanbul.
  • If students who obtained the right to register after the results are published fails to pay the fees on the specified dates, they will lose the right to register.
  • Students who have stayed in previous years have to apply again and fill in the Guesthouse Application Form.
  • Our students will be evaluated on the basis of the rooms they prefer on the preference list. If there are no vacancies in the room they prefer, they may be redirected to other rooms or the guest cannot be placed. The Directorate of IZU and Guesthouses do not accept responsibility for this situation.
  • If the information on the Guesthouse Application form is wrong/misleading, the application will be deemed invalid by IZU Guesthouses Directorate. In this case, IZU and Guesthouses Directorate do not accept responsibility.

Documents Required for Final Registration

For All Students;

  • Three Passport Photograph (New, Recognizable, Colored, Photo Paper, Not to be smaller than 3.5x4, which can be used in official documents)
  • Health Report (Lung Digital PA X-ray - In terms of Tuberculosis - Hbs-Ap, Anti Hbs, Anti Hcv, Anti Hiv)

For Turkish People;

  • Photocopy of identify card
  • Declaration of Residence (to be taken from the Mukhtar, e-government or the Population Directorate)
  • Criminal record (to be taken from court-house or e-government)

For Foreign Students;

  • Copy of residence permit (Residence Permit in Turkey or an official document to show the application if not received yet)
  • Photocopy of the Passport’s First Page (where the credentials are located)
  • Photocopy of the page that shows the last entrance to Turkey (The Page where the Date of the entry shows)

* You need to prepare the required documents within the dates that will be specified to you.