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Department of Student Affairs


The Department of Student Affairs is responsible for; keeping, updating and archiving the student files, moreover all transactions that are related to the students within the framework of law, regulation and general legislation. Student Affairs follows the healthy execution of the education and training, informing the students and staff and directing them towards the correct units according to their needs.  It contributes to the increase of institutional qualification by providing correct, fast and modern services to the students.



. The registration of the students who are placed in ÖSYM undergraduate programs of our university,

. Registration of the students who are entitled to enroll in the undergraduate programs of the University by way of Horizontal Transit,

. Registration of international students to undergraduate programs at our university,

. Registration renewal of students, class registration, dropping of courses and. following the processes,

. Requesting and sending the documents of the related higher education institutions of the students coming and going from horizontal transfer,

. The Preparation of graduation transcripts and submission to relevant departments,

. Provisional graduation documents, preparation and dissemination of diploma and diploma documents,

. YÖK, ÖSYM, KYK etc. related to education and students. sending information and documents to other institutions and organizations,

. Preparation of statistical data and reports, student achievement status, credit, scholarship etc. Follow-up of transactions and correspondence with related institutions,

. Making necessary correspondences with the units in the university,



The Department of Student Affairs works with our university students during the course study within the framework of the relevant laws and regulations in the shortest time possible. Also works in harmony with the other units of the University.



To be ranked first among the units that are acclaimed by our students by serving our students a superior quality within the national and international standards.