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Department of Strategy Development

About Us

Department of Strategy Development is responsible for running the strategic work of our university. At the same time the Department of Strategy Development plans how to achieve strategic goals of university.


Our Staff

Şerafettin BAŞ, Director

Telephone: 444 97 98
Fax number: 0 (212) 693 97 58 


Selda Şenol, Strategy Development Specialist

Telephone: 0 212 692 96 17


İlknur PAKSOY, Strategy Development Specialist

Telephone: 0 212 692 97 98
Fax number: 0 212 693 82 29 

Our Projects and Activities

Some of the projects run by us:

  • The IZU Strategic Plans for 2017-2021.
  • Consultation Meetings and Brainstorming Programs
  • Joint strategic works with domestic and foreign universities and institutions
  • To prepare reports of departments, faculties and other units that are planned to be established
  • To report strategic and important issues to the university administration



    Our Services


  • To establish the Strategic Plan of our University within a 5-year period and make necessary periodic checks
  • To ensure institutionalization of strategic Works
  • To ensure that strategic plans are applicable and sustainable
  • To conduct projects according to a Strategic plan
  • To evaluate effectiveness and performance of projects
  • To ensure coordination between project teams
  • To analyse sub-projects related to our main projects
  • To take measure performance for more effective Strategic Management and collect relevant data
  • To consult with national and international institutions to develop our Strategic Plan Works
  • To fulfill other similar duties given by the university administration.