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Administrative and Financial Affairs Department


This is the unit that deals with the conduct and follow-up of our university's financial affairs. Makes records according to generally accepted accounting principles. The annual forecast cash and budget of the university are extracted and the necessary comparison operations are made once the monthly financial transactions are reported. The Administrative and Financial Affairs Department is responsible for the following; issuing legal statements, financial follow-up of the R & D projects, all invoice transactions, tuition and dormitory fees, scholarship payments, transactions returned for the separated students, company payments and reconciliations, execution of balance sheet and income statements.

The Directorate of Support Services aims to provide all kinds of services in an effective and efficient manner within the demands of the related departments in order to ensure that the education and administrative services within the university are carried out without any interruption. The Directorate of Support Services provide support to all kinds of fairs and organizational events.  The Support Services Directorate also carries out related studies that meet our standards.


Integration of Uyumsoft ERP software into the university


Duties of the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs;


. To make preliminary financial control of financial transactions,

. To carry out the accounting services in accordance with the applicable legislation,

. To record the invoices of all purchases of goods and services belonging to the university in the accounting system in accordance with the general accepted accounting principles,7

. Preparing and presenting financial statements and reports,

. To carry out the financial transactions of the projects being carried out within the institution,

. To execute business advance and related financial transactions.


. Preparing and presenting the Agency Budget and "Implementation Principles".

. To provide the necessary coordination to the units during the implementation of their budgets, to ensure that budget-expenditure information are monitored in an electronic environment,

. Preparing and presenting the Institution's Annual Report.


. To prepare and implement a bill for the Rectorate and the Board of Trustees about the "wages and methods of collection of these fees"

. To realize all fees of the students,

. To make scholarship payments that must be paid in cash,

. Financial liability student "request / wish" to fulfill the requirements of petitions,

. Arranging student bills on time and delivering them to our students in our campus offices upon request,

. To inform our students about their financial obligations.


. To present and apply various payment options and payment methods to the students,

. Making payment through the bank to the company or person who received goods or services from them,

. To carry out financial relationships with banks,

. Carry out other financial transactions.


. Entry and exit transactions,

. Procedures related to employee rights

. Fees and additional courses of the accrual,

. Preparation of documents related to retirement and resignation procedures.

. Execution of the procedures related to part-time personnel,

. Transferring and updating information such as personnel, personal information to the computer environment.



Our purchasing unit is able to procure services and goods through direct procurement.

The main tasks of the purchasing unit are listed below:

. To purchase all kinds of fixtures and furnishings,

. Making all kinds of cleaning material purchases.

. To make service procurement tender,

. To make purchases of office, office machinery and equipment (including computers)

As the Support Services Directorate, we provide; technician, security, cleaning, transportation, landscaping, cafeteria, cafeteria and dining services within the framework of our department's units and services that are purchased from outside.