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Technopark Coordinatorship

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According to the definition of International Association of Science Parks, a science park is an organization managed by specialised professionals, whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of its associated businesses and knowledge-based institutions.

There are four basic element of technology production:

  1. Researcher people community
  2. Know-how
  3. Financial Sources
  4. R&D

Objectives and Principles

  • To ensure sustainability in the university and industry cooperation
  • To be a productive technology center with high standards
  • To support the transformation of ideas into products
  • To help academicians and students establish a company by supporting their technological ideas
  • To become a technology development zone preferred by international companies for R & D activities


Our crucial mission is to transform knowledge into technology


To become an international cooperation center on the process of transforming new ideas into value-added.

Our Staff

Technopark Coordinator - Dr. Osman ARSLAN