General Information

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University is striving to be one of the nation’s pre-eminent comprehensive universities, and its strengths lie mainly in the area of social sciences and humanities. IZU’s objective is to build an internationally-renowned institution that meets the aspirations of the Turkish people. In fostering the nation’s talent it seeks to produce graduates who will take up their roles as “outstanding exemplars for the nation and the backbone of the society”.
The School of Foreign Languages aims at producing international multi- talented graduates who have a good command of foreign languages with a wide knowledge of Science and Art including strong abilities to integrate these subjects. At present, the School of Foreign Languages includes three language majors: English, Arabic and Russian for  undergraduate studies. Every year, the School is planning to select and send students of various languages on exchange and study trips to universities both at home and abroad. Within this context, the vision of the School of Foreign Languages is to create functional learning environments conducive to language learning, to equip students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to derive utmost benefit from the various language learning experiences they will encounter throughout their academic studies as well as other aspects of life.

* Admissions for these departments are being planned for the following years.

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