Turkey Welcomes Peace and Democracy

July 15, Friday night was one which will live long in the memories of the Turkish people as a glorious moment. The date, hereafter, marks a historical event for the world’s history amid many of the immense difficulties and disappointments of modern history.

By the time dawn broke on Saturday, it became known across the world that a section of army generals had mounted a coup d'etat to bring down the democratically elected and popular government of Turkey, but had failed miserably.

Now people at night, gather around squares of İstanbul and walk across Bosphorus to celebrate democracy and stability and mourn and pray for victims of this outrageousness. They are now enjoying democracy which they proudly defended; it is deemed as a festival for democracy. Turkish citizens are demonstrating every night that they are on the side of peace and stability.

The state of emergency recently declared by the parliament (Turkish Grand National Assembly) is aimed to launch a comprehensive investigation to those who violated the law. Everybody are back at their normal daily life. We, as IZU family, would like to congratulate this rejoice for peace and democracy and we offer our prayers for our martyrs.


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