Editorial Principles

Publication Principles
Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance is a peer-reviewed biannual academic journal publishing in Spring and Autumn. The journal is published by the International Research Center for Islamic Economics and Finance and accepts articles in Turkish, English and Arabic languages. 
The journal hosts scholarly articles regarding the problems and new perspectives of Islamic Economics and Finance. In order to gain acceptance, all articles submitted to the journal for evaluation must not have been previously published. Conference proceedings can be published if the situation is clearly notified.
Submissions are first reviewed by the editorial board. If an article satisfies the necessary conditions of style and content, reviewers will then proceed to evaluate its suitability for publication.
Evaluation Principles
All articles undergo evaluation by two anonymous reviewers. If necessary, the article may be sent to a third reviewer for further assessment. The publication of an article depends upon the approval of these reviewers. Authors must provide the necessary corrections demanded by reviewers.
All articles that are to be published are considered to pass their copyrights to the center. Authors have the responsibility for the views in the published articles. Articles and photographs can be cited with references to the sources. 

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