Why İZU?

Dear students, your future is shaped by the choices you make. Universities are not only for providing you with a job or profession, rather, by giving you a worldview and mission, they are among the most important institutions that shape your life and your identity

 Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, apart from guiding you in obtaining an excellent education with a great background and knowledge, uses every means available in order to help you become individuals who develop projects that are of the country’s as well as everyone’s benefits.

From a Dignified Past to a Bright Future

Although our university has been founded 'recently', it is a long-established institution in terms of its intellectual background and experience. We are young people who will shape the future with an approach that embraces our history and culture. Our goal is to educate and train young people who are able to connect the past with the future, blend the local and the universal and build a balance between tradition and the modern in their fields. We will attain this bright future, departing from our dignified past, with leaders and scientist who have foregoing skills and attributes.

We are a university which focuses on research and invest in human capital

In today’s world where ‘knowledge’ is the most important value and asset, universities which invest in research and development will provide the biggest contribution to our country and its vision towards the future. As a research and student oriented university, we invest in human capital and future. While we equip our students with world-class high level education and training, we also provide our academic staff with an advanced research infrastructure for their fields. Our university’s main task and objective is to ensure the accumulation of knowledge and scholarship for the service of firstly our country and then of the whole world. With its academic staff who are selected and hired based on universal criteria, and its research centres and programmes which are well equipped, our university has established an education system which is not just focused on labor but rather aims to produce scientists. Our students are educated and prepared for the future as individuals who can produce knowledge, solve problems, question, examine and are analytical. We continue to educate and train ‘good people’ who blend knowledge and science.

We offer all our students the opportunity to learn foreign languages

In this globalized world of information, learning another language apart from one’s native language is of vital importance for the youth who are studying and striving to build a career. Starting out to educate students who will have a say in all aspects of the future, our university provides all the means available so that our students can learn at least two foreign languages by the time they graduate. Apart from our departments where the medium of instruction is in a language other than Turkish or is partly Turkish, we also enable our students in departments where the language of education is Turkish to learn a foreign language they want without any fees or charge. Depending on our students’ preferences, one foreign language as well as Ottoman Turkish, we offer free courses in English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Ottoman Turkish. It is possible for one student to learn a foreign language with advanced level skills within two academic years even they are complete beginners.  Therefore our students, who are ambitious for, willing and aspire to shape the future of our country and the world, can learn two foreign languages during their four year of undergraduate education. 

A 130-Year-Old Campus 

Our Central Campus, Halkalı Campus, which was transferred to our university by the Sultan II. Bayezid-i Veli Foundation is one of spectacular places in Istanbul due to its historic fabric and pristine natural beauties.  In the same land of the Foundation, Halkalı Ziraat ve Baytar Mekteb-i Alisi (Halkalı Imperial School of Agriculture and Veterinary) which provided education equivalent to today’s university education, was established 130 years ago. One of the first graduates of that school was our national poet, Mehmet Akif Ersoy. When the school was founded 130 years ago, it provided then most developed agricultural and veterinary education. On the very same campus, nowadays we have transformed it into an education center which teaches and educates students once again. 

Our Campus’ Pristine Nature

The inner court at our campus which is encircled by historical buildings impresses visitors. The historic court where Mehmet Akif Ersoy spent his student days and penned his works of that period is adorned with centennial plane trees. The campus, where history and nature intertwine, is as big as 630 decares. Our campus’ natural habitat, where several decares are wooded fruit trees, is well preserved and new constructions are paid great diligence in that respect. Thousands of trees are registered and they are sensitively cared and protected. Our students, we ride bicycles belonging to our campus, as means of transport or for sporting, enjoy this unique environment and site at best.

Our Growing Campus

The total indoor or covered area on our campus, together with the buildings that are befittingly and conveniently designed and are still under construction in conformity with the historical texture of the campus, will reach 180 decares. On the campus, there are classrooms, which are designed as smart classrooms, three conference rooms, six laboratories (Physics and Electronics Laboratory, SAP Mobile Technologies Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, R & D Laboratory, Food Chemistry Laboratory, Food Microbiology Laboratory), two workshops and a reading hall. On our campus, aside from all facilities that university students will need, there are cafeterias, dining halls, prayer rooms, outdoor - indoor gym, and basketball - volleyball - football pitches and courts.

Other opportunities that the university offers

Interdepartmental undergraduate transfer
Right choice is crucial in terms of reaching our goals in the shortest period of time possible. However, sometimes we may need another occasion or trial due to factors we have failed to notice previously. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University provides a second opportunity for its students with undergraduate transfer within the limits of certain quotas regarding their choice of future profession and fields.

Complimentary Minor and Double Major Degrees
Academic achievement, as is the case in many other respects, also provides means and opportunity for obtaining diplomas in two different areas of study or a certificate for a minor program. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University offers the opportunity for its successful students with a complimentary second diploma where they can present high performance with their academic merits and achievements.

Student Exchange Programs
Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, thanks to partnership agreements and exchange programs with the world’s leading universities, gives its students the chance to have lifetime social and academic experiences and moments.

Guidance and Advice
Those who guide you should know you better and have knowledge of your capabilities, expectations, capacities and objectives. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, while preparing its students for real life, prepares them in the most efficient way for the future thanks to their guiding counselors.

Employment after graduation
In order to increase the level of employability of our students during their education and afterwards, the Career Development Center was founded. By bringing together employers our students periodically, we attach great importance and conduct the best effort to enhance to our students’ employability and recruitment during their education and before they graduate. 

Easy Accessibility and Commute
Far away from ambient noises but close to the city center, it is easy to commute to our university, just 5 km. away from Istanbul ringroad and Ataturk Airport, from any location in Istanbul. Presently with Metrobus lines, IETT lines, public bus lines, and from 2015 with Marmaray subway, you can travel to the campus.

"A Campus University in The Middle of History"