We are Learning the Languages of the Tradition and the Future

The information age we live in and the globalization of the world make it necessary for our youth who get higher education and build a career to learn a foreign language. Our University, which started with the mission of raising young people who will have a say whilst building tomorrow, provides all kinds of opportunities for them to learn at least one foreign language.  
We Offer All Our Students the Opportunity to Learn a Foreign Language
All the students in our University are offered language courses, by demand and free of charge. We have free of charge English, Arabic and Ottoman Turkish courses which our students can sign up for according to their preference. The only requirement from our registered students is 85% attendance.
For 2014-2015 Academic Year, our students will also be offered Russian and Chinese courses.
In addition to the existing English, Arabic and Ottoman Turkish courses, our students will be provided with Russian and Chinese courses for the 2014-2015 Academic Year.
2 Foreign Languages and Ottoman Turkish in 4 Years
When our students start any of their language courses from scratch, thanks to our specialized teaching staff, they are able to improve their foreign language skills to an advanced level. Therefore, our willing and ambitious students who demand to shape our country's and the world's future are able to learn the foreign language they want over the course of their study for four years.

Application and Registration
The students who would like to benefit from the language courses must register between 02 June - 13 June 2014 (Final Exams Week). In case of too many applications, the candidates will be picked by the application date order. Therefore, the students who are willing to take these courses must complete their registration between those dates as soon as possible.
Course Attendee Student Reviews
Rabia MEŞECİ, Student in Turkish Teaching

The importance of the Arabic language today is a clear fact. I would like to learn Arabic within that aspect, as well as leading a life that is compatible with my traditions. Thanks to the facilities of our university, I have had the opportunity to learn Arabic.
Şeyma BAHAR, Student in Preschool Education
I believe that the language courses in our university will make great contributions in terms of both our university's reputation and the development of its students. I think our Arabic teacher is very good in his field. Also, I think Arabic will be a more influential language in the future, which also made me want to join the course. I hope that things will get even better in the future.
Kübra Nur Eyüboğlu, Student in Political Sciences and International Relations
There are 3 reasons why I would like to join the Arabic courses. The first one is because I am a Muslim person, I would like to learn the language of the Quran. The second is because I am an International Relations student, I have interest in the Middle Eastern and Arabic countries. And finally, I really like our teacher Tamk. According to me, Tamk is the best Arabic teacher that could ever be, and I feel that I learn it very easily thanks to him.
Yasemin KÜRKÇÜ, Student in Business Administration (English)
I have always had an interest in Arabic. I thought that I would make use of such an opportunity offered by our university. Starting from the rector, I would like to thank our university administration for giving us such an opportunity.
Kevser Özgül ÖZDEMİR, Student in English Teaching
Being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and one whose importance is increasing, I have got more interested in Arabic. I thought that such a course in our university was an important opportunity. We are very happy with our teachers. I would like to thank our university for their help and interest.
Gülşah KARATAŞ, Student in Political Sciences and International Relations
I am very pleased that our university has given the opportunity to learn such a difficult language. As I am studying Political Sciences and International Relations, learning Arabic is an advantage for me. Our teachers are very nice and very good at what they do. Thanks.
Zehranur ÖZGÜLER, Student in Food Engineering
I really like this language and think that is an important language.
Zehranur ÖZGÜLER, Student in Food Engineering
I have attended many seminar during my university studies. Most of those seminars were about literature. I wanted to actually learn my ancestors' language. I think a person would be lost without having good knowledge about their history. Therefore, I would like to learn both the Ottoman Turkish and Arabic language, so that I have more meaning in my life. I would like to read the old literary works and improve my Turkish by picking up old Turkish words. 

Zehranur ÖZGÜLER, Student in Food Engineering
My reason for attending the Ottoman Turkish courses is understanding our history better and make use of our cultural inheritance. I think every young person should learn the Ottoman Turkish with the idea that we will have a future by reviewing the past. I am so happy that my university offers such an opportunity to me.
Erva Nur KARASU, Student in Food Engineering
I have got some Ottoman Turkish courses before but then I took a break.  Actually, I have decided to start again and learn it more accurately and systematically. I really liked writing in the Ottoman Turkish, and then I enjoyed reading it, too. I wanted to be a part of a mysterious and artistic world. I think we definitely need to learn the Ottoman Turkish to read, learn about and own up our history. The classes are regular, nice and enjoyable. We are very happy with the teachers.
Büşra BEKDAŞ, Student in Food Engineering
My interest in the Ottoman Turkish has made me attend this course. I already knew the Arabic alphabet, which encouraged me even more. The biggest reason for me to learn the Ottoman Turkish is because I have a traditional family and adore our history.  With this course, I have come to realize that in order for a nation to own up their history and remain loyal to it, that nation first needs to learn its most important trait i.e. the language.
Eda BÜYÜKDUMAN, Student in Food Engineering
As I like and have an interest in history, I have always had a special interest in the old literary works. As I believe that learning languages is a process of development and becoming knowledgeable, I had been thinking about signing up for an Ottoman Turkish course and tighten my bonds with the past. Having such an opportunity offered in our university has helped me use my daily hours more efficiently. It has also enabled me to improve myself in another area than the one I study, as well as helping me achieve a language learning dream.
Emin Sadi KARAKUŞ, Student in Political Sciences and International Relations
First of all, I would like to talk about my expectations about the Ottoman Turkish course and the reasons why I joined it. My biggest expectation is; learning about a state which ruled over the world for 600 years and changed the historical course of science, law and economy. I would like to learn about the life of the people under that state, their progress, functions and life styles, and digest those functions thoroughly so that I can participate in politics. I would also like to take examples from the mistakes that were made in the past, so that we can prevent the same ones from happening, as well as taking examples from the useful deeds so we can carry those forward to the future. The biggest factors that made me commit to this course were firstly the books and documents in the Ottoman Turkish in our hours, then, my interest in old documents and willingness to take my share from the heritage of our ancestors.
Ayşenur Betül BİLGİN, Student in Food Engineering
I joined the Ottoman Turkish course because of my interest in the Ottoman history, as well as to learn about our old literature and history and maintain the Quran alphabet in our country. I am here especially to learn our real history in the Ottoman Turkish. I would like to thank my university for offering us such an opportunity.

Kübra GÖKÇİMEN, Student in Food Engineering
Whilst there are hundreds of unopened literary works in the archives, it would be impossible not to learn this language. I have always been attracted to the sections no one visits in libraries. I joined this course to learn our old language. It is obvious that it is helpful, it is going well. I would like to thank our university administrators.
Esma Fener - Student in Architecture
In this world of globalization, English is now important not only in terms of having a career, but also to lean about communication and information, and this course is offered to us taught by good quality teachers and free of charge. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim is trying to take us to the level of good quality and international education standards. In that respect, the courses have been on spot and very useful. I would like to thank everyone who participates in these efforts.

Selim Karaman - Student in Psychology
I think that this project which is offered by our university to teach English to its students is a great opportunity in today's world in which foreign language is a must.  This is the 5th week of the course and I can already see the difference and I believe the contribution will be even more. However, the allowance of 18 hours' no attendance might cause problems during the exams and when I join the other personal development activities in the other clubs. I hope they can do something about the non-attendance hours.

Hilal Yıldırım, Student in Islamic Studies

The English courses are for a total of 9 hours a week, and they are important in terms of learning this language, as we cannot learn it in our own faculty. Contrary to the education in secondary or high school, these courses focus on all the skills i.e. listening, reading, writing etc. and are supported by visual material, which is great. The focus is not only on grammar, but also on speaking and expressing ourselves, and I think it will have a lot of contributions to us.

Nour Altorjaman, Student in Food Engineering

I come to this course because my English languange got worse when i come to Turkey. Because some of people don’t know English. Bub since I started this course it madem y English much better even my Turkish languange..So it’s wry good for me and teacher Yeliz GÖKOĞLAN is very good to.

Yağmur YAYLACI, Student in Social Services

I have always thought that learning a language is a good thing, as much as everyone else. I was able to put that into practice in our university. One language is one personality and two languages are two personalities. We always hear that proverb. Actually, it is true that one can feel like a different person whilst they are learning a new language. For now, it is nine hours a week but it might become even more regular in the future.
When I heard that our school had these courses, I got so happy. I would like to thank especially for the fact that this is an opportunity not offered in many other schools. As for the class and the course, the classes are so natural and enjoyable that they sometimes do not feel like a class at all. All the practice we do and the texts we read are great for learning English, as well as giving us a nice activity atmosphere. Our teacher says this language cannot be learned in one aspect. That is to say, reading, writing, speaking and listening should work as a whole, and we are taught accordingly. I remember that we used to learn only about writing or reading when I was at high school. Therefore, I can say that this course has not only added on top of what I had learned but also taught me new techniques.
Especially the practice in the classes give the message of "we can actually use English better linguistically and logically, instead of doing exercises just for the sake of it."
Finally, I think that much as we would like to learn, the person who teaches is equally important. I would like to thank our teacher Yeliz, who not only teaches us English, but also looking at life from a different point of view, being helpful and sincere.

Rıdvan KARADAĞ, Student in Computer Engineering

The best thing an educational institution can do is turn education from obligatory into voluntary. Especially if it is about a foreign language... Attending these voluntary courses has brought us the confidence that comes from speaking English, which is a huge step for us.
It has been great improving our vocabulary and speaking skills by also getting pleasure from them. It is quite satisfying even to see myself trying to speak in English.
All in all, we are in a process. We might be in the beginning but we can see what is ahead of us. The fog over the mountain of foreign languages has cleared away. Now it is time to look at the mountain up close! I would like to thank the school administration and our teacher.

Semih KIROĞLU, Student in Computer Engineering

Although our university is a fairly new one, its activities are better than most other foundation universities or even established state universities. One of these activities is the English course... Although we are in the 7th week, thanks to what we have learned and the activities we have made in the class, in a way, we are now able to "start a conversation." That is to say, I used to communicate only in written form, and now I am able to speak to a foreigner understand them at a good level. I would like to thank everyone who has given us this opportunity and I hope that similar activities will also follow.
Hassan Habeeb, Student in Psychological Therapy and Counselling
I love this edication system and our English course. When I came here I was feeling to forget my English. But now I am happy; because I got a chance to improve and unforget my English. Our lectures teaching systems all so well. I hope to contunie this courses. I thanks to all of this university department staff to give this chance.

İbrahim TELMAN, Student in Computer Engineering

It is a course which is completely for your personal development and free of charge. This course is based on improving your level of English, and the speaking and listening sessions in the class are going really well. Actually, you end up having improved yourself without even realizing.
Although the course is free of charge, it starts at a late hour. Especially if you are a Computer Engineering grade 1 student, you have to wait for 5 hours between your last class and the English class. In a way, this is both good and bad. It is good, because, if you have an exam, you can get ready for that. But, if you need to wait and have nothing else to do, that is bad.
Finally, although I do not have much to do in between the classes and get bored, I am willing to wait for the end of this course as my English will be much better.

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