The Senate

Its Foundation and Running

The Senate works under the Rector and consists of the vice rectors, deans, one lecturer from every faculty to be chosen for a three-year term by those faculties, and of the directors of the institutes and vocational schools that fall under the Rector’s Office.

The Senate gathers at least twice a year; once at the beginning and once at the end of an academic year. If the Rector thinks it necessary, he may summon the Senate for a meeting.

Its Duties

Making decisions about the fundamental principles related to the university’s education, and all the activities regarding scientific research and publication.
Drawing up draft laws and regulations that bind the entire university and stating its opinions about these laws and regulations.
Drawing up those regulations about the university and its units that will be put into effect after being published in the Official Gazette following the approval of the Rector.
Inspecting and deciding the university’s yearly academic program and schedule.
Ascribing honorary academic titles and making decisions about the proposals made by the faculty boards in this direction.
Resolving the objections made to the decisions of the administrative bodies of the institutes and vocational schools, and making decisive decisions about these.
Choosing members for the Administrative Board of the university.
Fulfilling other duties incumbent on it by law.

Members of Senate

Prof. Dr. Mehmet BULUT
Prof. Dr. Bülent ARI
Vice Rector / Director of Institute Social of Science  
Prof. Dr. Yahya Kemal YOĞURTÇU
Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Prof. Dr. Ömer ÖZYILMAZ
Dean of Faculty of Education

Prof. Dr. Turan KOÇ
Dean of Faculty of Islamic Sciences

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin KÖKTAŞ
Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Prof. Dr. Kadir CANATAN
Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ATEŞ
Dean of Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Bülent NAZLI


Prof. Dr. Ziya KAZICI

Prof. Dr. Iryna SEMENIUK

Prof. Dr. Bayram ÜNAL

Prof. Dr. Candan ÖZTÜRK

Asst. Pr. Dr. Şebnem CANSUN

Asst. Pr. Dr. Özgür KÖKALAN

Asst. Pr. Dr. Ali Emrah BOZBAYINDIR


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