Student Admission from Abroad (Graduate Programs)

Application, Acceptance And Registration Guidelines For Admission To Graduate Programs For International Students


Applications of international students will be accepted for 2015-2016 academic year for graduate programs of our university. 


Applications to graduate programs will be submitted online 14st of December 2015 - 08st of January 2016.


Click here for Application Form.


Application Requirements

(1) Candidates who fulfill any of the requirements below may apply to graduate programs.  

 a) Those with foreign nationalities 

 b) Natural born citizens of the Republic of Turkey who have been permitted by the Turkish Ministry of Interior Affairs to abandon their citizenship and their under age children, who are registered at the document of abandoning the Turkish citizenship who hold an “Official Document for the Use of Rights Granted by the Turkish Citizenship Law No 5203”

 c) Those who are of foreign origin but has obtained Turkish citizenship later / those who have such double citizenships,

(2) Candidates, who fulfill the requirements of article (1) of this section and who have completed or are in their final semester of their undergraduate studies may apply for thesis/non-thesis master’s programs and integrated PhD programs. 

(3)Candidates who have completed their master’s program with thesis and those who fulfill the requirements of article (1) of this section may apply to PhD programs. 


Application Documents

(1) Candidates are expected to submit the following documents either online, by mail or in person. 

 a) The application form on the website of the university.  

 b) The copy of the translation of undergraduate diploma certified by consulate of Turkish Republic or by notaries. (The translation is not required if the diploma is in English or Turkish.)  (The original copy of the diploma and the equivalence document (Denklik Belgesi) that will be obtained from YÖK- The Council of Higher Education will be shown during registration.)

 c) Transcript (The document has to be either in English or Turkish. If it is not, please attach English or Turkish translations certified by either consulate of Turkish Republic or by notaries.)

 d) Photocopy of or scanned copy the passport identification page (The passport will be seen during registration.)

 e) One passport sized photo (to be required during registration)

 f) Photocopy or scanned copy of the ALES, GRE, GMAT scores (if required by the department applied for.)

 g) English Proficiency Document:  The exam scores of Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (YDS) or other Proficiency Exams accepted as equivalent by ÖSYM. This document which is compulsory for PhD candidates. This document can also be asked by the departments for thesis/non thesis Master’s Programs which provide education in (partially or fully) a foreign language. If no such document is present for the candidate student for thesis/non thesis Master’s Programs, that candidate student may take Foreign Language Proficiency Exam done by İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University.


Assessment Criteria

(1) Candidates are assessed by the GSAB in consideration of the criteria below:

 a) Undergraduate/Graduate grades

 b) ALES, GRE, GMAT exam results for thesis/non-thesis Master’s Program Candidates (if required by the GSAB, candidates who do not have these scores may be subjected to oral, written, face-to-face or electronic exam/exams.)

 c) ALES, GRE or GMAT scores are not required for non-thesis Master’s Programs (if required by the GSAB, candidates can be subjected to oral, written, face to face or electronic exam/exams.

 d) Foreign Language Proficiency Level (for the candidates who are asked for English Proficiency Exam score.)

 e) If requested by the concerned GSAB the information which takes place in documents such as the reference letter, letter of intent, and portfolio and is significant for evaluating the candidate,

 f) The results of face to face or electronic written and oral examinations which candidates have been subject to, when required by the concerned GSAB. 


Assessment and Announcement of the Results

a) The applications of candidates are assessed by the GSAB. From among all the candidates who fulfill the requirements, the candidates who are deemed successful by the concerned GSAB are admitted to a graduate program. From among all the candidates who fulfill the requirements; candidates admitted to a graduate program different from their undergraduate program may be asked to enroll some courses required by the department applied for.

b) The results are finalized by the approval of the graduate school administrative board.

c) To the candidates admitted to graduate programs, an acceptance letter is sent via electronic mail by the graduate school and is asked if the candidates come to the registration. The candidates who declare to come to registration are sent an acceptance letter to be able to have a visa.


Foreign Language Proficiency

(1) From among the students who enroll in the graduate programs which have 30% or full foreign language instruction, the students who declare a foreign language proficiency document which has an international validity and is admitted by the university are exempted from the preparation program. The foreign language proficiency of the students who are not able to declare the document is determined by the foreign language proficiency exam conducted by the prep school. 


Turkish Language Proficiency

(1) The students who enroll in graduate programs offered in Turkish will be exempt from Turkish Language Preparatory Program if a Turkish Proficiency document that will be accepted by our university.  The language proficiency of the students who are not able to provide a Turkish proficiency document will be determined by Turkish language proficiency exam which is administrated by TÖMER (Turkish Language Teaching Research and Application Center) or the Turkish Language Education Department. It is compulsory for the applicants to register for Turkish Language Preparatory Program if they are not proficient in Turkish. 


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