Undergraduate Admission for International Students

Prospective students who are from abroad or overseas, students in Turkey who does not hold a Turkish citizenship, international students who want to transfer from other universities in Turkey or Turkish students who have been studying outside Turkey for more than 5 years can apply to undergraduate programs of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University as an international applicant. Please check the information given below to see "who can apply".

Admission calendar for Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University undergraduate programs for the academic year of 2017-2018 is presented below. Applications for undergraduate programs at our university are online. You will be able to access the online application form on this webpage and you will be able to upload the required documents. Please bear in mind that there is no other method of applying and all the required documents for application must be translated if they are not in Turkish or in English. For more information regarding being an international student at IZU in İstanbul, Turkey, please consult to the "International Students" menu on IZU International Office webpage.

Application Form

A link for the Application system is going to be active on this page by February 20, 2017.

Tuition Fees and Scholarship

Tuition fees and quotas are to be announced on the website on February 2017.

IZU provides different sorts of scholarships. Scholarships that are acquired through admission are:100% scholarship (full tutition waiver), 75% scholarship (75% of the tuition fee is waived), 50% and 25% scholarship,

Academic achievement scholarship is attained by having high GPAs during the student's education which reduces the tuition fee at different rates depending on the student's success.

A reduction of 5% is given to those who has paid the whole tuition fee annually.

Sibling reduction is a 10% reduction in teh tuition fee given to each sibling registered at IZU.

Scholarships that are provided through seperate application processes: accomodation fee waiver for IZU guesthouses at different rates and monthly stipend for those IZU students in need provided by İlim Yayma (Knowledge Dissemination) Foundation.

Admission Calender and Quotas

  • -February 20 - June 12: Early Application Period
  • -June 13 - September 4: Late Application Period
  • -September 11 - September 15: Final Registration and Orientation Period

All undergraduate programs and different rates of scholarships have certain quotas. Applications are evaluated within 2 weeks upon submission and the applicant is accepted to fill a certain quota. If the quotas with scholarships are depleted then applying for a scholarship will not be possible. So we encourage you to apply as early as possible before scholarship quotas for the program you want to apply are over. Quotas will be visible on the International Office webpage on February 2017.

Application and Evaluation Dates
Early Application Period Late Application Period End Of Applications Registration Week Registration Dates for Conditionally Accepted Students
Start Date End Date Start Date End Date Start Date End Date Start Date End Date
20.02.2017 12.06.2017 13.06.2017 04.09.2017 04.09.2017 11.09.2017 15.09.2017 18.09.2017 18.09.2017


Evaluation of Applications

Evaluation of the applications and placement of candidates are done by the Committe of International Admissions of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. This is a highly professional and experienced committee of impartial individuals. All applications are read in their entirety in a holistic manner. That means, each application is reviewed in its entirety, word by word, page by page. Many applications are read two or even three times. This is an important concept to consider when you are filling out the application form, writing your letter of intent and attaching your documents. Keep in mind when you are applying that the application you submit is closely scrutinized.

The admission holistic review reflects our evaluators thoughtful consideration of the full spectrum of the applicant’s qualifications, based on all evidence provided in the application, and viewed in the context of the applicant’s academic and personal circumstances and the overall strength of the IZU applicant pool. Using a broad concept of merit, evaluators employ the following criteria:

  • 1.The applicant's full record or achievement in high schools, including the number and rigor of courses taken and grades earned in those courses.
  • 2.Personal qualities of the applicant, including leadership ability, charecter, motivation, insight, initiative, originality, intellectual indipendence, responsibility, maturity, and demonstrated concern for others and for the community are considered.
  • 3.Likely contributions to the intellectual and cultural vitality of the campus.
  • 4.Performance on standardized tests that shows the applicant's learning skills and reasoning.

Required Documents

  • 1.Online Application Form
  • 2.Letter of intent/motivation letter/statement of purpose (included in the online application form)
  • 3.Original High school diploma or an official letter from your high school indicating that you are to be graduated at a given date. 
  • 4.Equivalency Certicate. This is a certificate demonstrating the equivalence of the diploma with Turkish Diplomas meaning that the education provided is equivalent to the education provided in High Schools in Turkey. This certificate can be obtained from Turkish Republic Foreign Representative Offices in your country or from İstanbul Provincial Directorate for National Education.
  • 5.Officially stamped transcript certificate which lists all the courses you had in the high school with their grades.
  • 5. Copy of the first page of your passport which shows idenfication information.
  • Important Note: All the required documents must be either in Turkish or English. If not: they must be translated in Turkish or English and approved by the notary public or Turkish Republic Foreign Representative Offices.
  • Important Note: Originals of all the documents submitted at the application must be submitted on the day of registration. Failing to do so will cause your application to be deemed invalid and you will not be registered.
  • Applicants for 100% and 75% scholarships are required to submit additional documents, which are as follows:
  • İstanbul University Exam for International Students (İÜYÖS) exam result. Validity duration of the exam result is limited to 2 years. It means, exam results that are dated before 2014 are not accepted.
  • Language proficiency certificate for the language of the program that you are applying for
  • It is strongly recommended that you attach at least one nationally or internationally accepted exam result to your application.

Who Can Apply?

  • (1) On the condition that students are in the final grade of high school or high school graduate, applications of candidates with the qualifications specified below are accepted;
  • a) Foreign students,
  • b) Those who were Turkish citizens by nature and who have obtained permission for alienage from Turkish citizenship and their minor children registered in this alienage certificate who can certify that they have the Certificate of Usage of Rights Granted by the Law 5203,
  • c) Those who had been of foreign nationality and then became a Turkish Citizen, and now with dual citizenship,
  • d) Those who completed the last three years of high school abroad excluding TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus),
  • e) Those who are the citizen of TRNC, live in TRNC and who have achieved GCE AL exam results,
  • (2) Applicants with the qualifications specified below are rejected in the applicants;
  • a) Those who are citizens of Turkish Republic (except for the students who completed the last three years of high school abroad exclusive of TRNC)
  • b) Those who are citizen of TRNC (except the students who completed their secondary education completely in TRNC high schools and with an exam result of GCE AL),
  • c) Those with dual citizenship one of which is citizenship of Turkish Republic (except for the students who completed the last three years of high school abroad exclusive of TRNC)
  • d) Those with dual citizenship one of which is citizenship of TRNC (except the students who completed their secondary education completely in TRNC high schools and with an exam result of GCE AL),
  • e) Those who are citizen of Turkish Republic and have completed their high school education in TRNC,


Please do not hesitate to write to us for any question regarding the admissions.


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