İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department is a program with 240 ECTS and normally takes 4 academic years, consisting of 8 terms, to graduate from. The education syllabus has been prepared in accordance with the National Core Education Program for Nursing which was prepared for the purpose of nationwide standardization of nursing education, with “Regulation of Defining Minimum Conditions for Training Programs of Doctors of Medicine, Nurses, Midwives, Dentists, Veterinaries, Pharmacists, and Architects”, which was published on the official journal numbered 26775 and dated 02.02.2008, and with the criteria of the European Union.
The program which is student centered enables students to be equipped in various fields by giving them the possibility of taking selective courses. In addition, owing to our international relations, our students will take place in international projects and have the opportunity of applying  nursing services at national and international levels. Our students will be encouraged and supported to participate in national and international scientific activities of the fields they are interested in. Its Course variety and partnerships in national and international projects are among reasons that make the Nursing Department of our university preferable.

Our graduates can serve in many fields of medicine; at health care centers such as public hospitals, university hospitals, private hospitals, policlinics, community health centers, primary care centers, chronic and long term care centers, medical training and research centers, rehabilitation centers, health care, rehabilitation and training centers for children and elderly people, hand surgery centers, nursing homes, dialysis centers, health care units of schools/factories/banks/ municipalities/ private or public organizations.


Keeping in the mind that human is unique, our purpose is to train our students to become nurses who know their responsibilities for humanity and for their country, can take part in national and international training and research projects, learn life long, can transfer theory and research into practice by analyzing up-to-date tendencies and needs in health care services, respect ethic and professional values, does interdisciplinary team work in protecting and improving the health of individuals and the community, avoiding, treating and rehabilitating diseases, are leaders in culture based organization of health care that is secure and of high quality.


The target of İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department is to be an educational institute which is known and preferred at national and international level with the training, research and service activities it produces.



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