Program Learning Outcomes

1Carries out professional practices by observing the legal regulations and ethical rules in force.
2Fully reflects the principles and rules of the counseling relationship to practices
3Evaluates the individual's need for counseling (development and change need) and receives informed consent; taking into account the general characteristics of the individual and the level of readiness of the individual.
4Individuals establish professional relationships by utilizing therapeutic skills and conditions to recognize, understand, acknowledge, and develop themselves, and maintain and terminate the relationship in an effective manner.
5Carries out group or individual psychological counseling practices with a consistent theoretical approach.
6Knows the personality traits, self concept, values ​​and life expectancies and develop an adequate understanding of the individual's personality integrity during psychological help.
7Knows contemporary education theories and approaches, uses these theories and approaches while supporting the development of the individual, the society and the education system
8Helps the individual to cope with the impediments to the academic achievement and to take measures that will increase the achievement to the extent of his abilities.
9Gives the necessary information about upper education institutions / programs that are open to the individual; provides a list of options for the most suitable educational opportunities for him / her and to make realistic decisions.
10Carries out studies to support the individual's professional development and maturity; helps the individuals identify the environmental, social-cultural-political factors affecting themselves and their career choices.
11Helps individuals build healthy values ​​for themselves and their surroundings and use their own internal and environmental resources.
12Helps individuals develop efficients self-management and problem-coping skills.
13Chooses a valid and reliable psychological measuring instrument suitable for the purpose of measurement and evaluation, and applies according to the use and application standards.
14Shares the institution's educational philosophy, mission and guidance and psychological counseling program with students, parents and teachers.
15Carries out necessary studies for actualizing and fostering continuous development of psychological counseling and guidance programs.
National Qualifications Of Level National Qualifications Of Field Program Learning Outcomes

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