Program Hakkında/Amaç/Hedef

Thesis Master Program; 24 credits (120 ECTS) consists of 8 courses, 1 seminar and thesis study. The normal duration of this program is 4 semesters, the maximum duration is 6 semesters.


Based on the basic principles of family counseling that have the latest knowledge and skills in the field of family counseling, which can analyze the family system and structure, systematically recognize the needs of the family and carry out integrated care and monitoring of the family with an interdisciplinary approach in line with their needs. , Entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills are the training of advanced family counseling professionals and scientists.



A leading graduate program in the field of family counseling that follows the current knowledge and skills, produces leading academic studies, follows other universities, combines the values ??of civilization with today's values, produces scientific knowledge in the field of family counseling and education and is preferred by graduates .


Courses are held on weekday evenings and weekend Saturdays.

The curriculum is in each semester, number of courses, number of students, etc. Depending on the reasons.

Important information!

Family Counseling and Education Graduates of graduate programs without thesis and non-thesis programs graduated from undergraduate departments defined within the scope of "Regulation on Legal Personnels of Private and Private Law and Family Counseling Centers to be Opened by Public Institutions and Institutions" published in the Official Gazette dated 04.09.2012 numbered 28401 If they meet other requirements of the regulation, they have the opportunity to be employed by the Ministry as a "Family Counselor." However, graduates of programs other than the undergraduate programs specified in the regulations can not benefit from the provisions of this regulation even if they have master degree.

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