Recognition of Prior Learning

Procedures to recognise prior learning (RPL), including non-formal and informal learning, is in an early stage of development in Turkey and there is no a comprehensive and enabling legislative framework at the national level in place yet. However, within the institutional autonomy respected there are some implementations at the institutional level for allocating credits towards exemption from some programme requirements on the basis of RPL. This is particularly a wide spread exercise implemented in cases that students, having a certain level of knowledge, skills and competencies in relation to fields such as foreign languages and computer use, prior to admission to the university, are subjected to an examination and if they are found successful to a certain degree required by the programme they have been admitted to, they are exempted from the relevant course units of the course programme. RPL is also practiced for students who wish to transfer their studies to the equal or an upper levels at an another institution including those from abroad in the same or similar fields. In such cases, students, having received some course units in a previous programme they had studied and having been successful, may be  exempted from the same or similar course units of the programmes they are admitted to upon the approval the adaptation committees of the programmes.

Such procedures of recognition are also used comprehensively in practice at our university. The general arrangements for the recognition ofsuch implementations are outlined in the relevant section of our Education and Examination RegulationsRules & Regulations for Graduate Programmes and that of Regulations for Lateral Transfer of Students.

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