Graduation Requirements

Students are required to take at least 240 ECTS and have a GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 in order to graduate from this program.

In order for the student to be able to reach the graduation stage, the students must be successful in the midterm and final examinations, as well as the homeworks and projects of the compulsory and elective courses they have taken each semester. In addition, for graduation, the student must have successfully completed an internship of 30 business days. The internship has not been credited with the program as it is a prerequisite for graduation. The experience and required workload of the internship are taken into consideration in the content, application and workloads of the related courses within the program. In addition, the student is required to submit a Completion Essay (7th or 8th semester) to be presented at the end of a project.

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