Programme Information

Software engineering is generally defined as the application of engineering principles to economically obtain software that works reliably and effectively in accordance with the requirements. Today's software has been developed from small-scale projects, so it has been necessary to develop software under a discipline. Software engineering has been created for this purpose as a science department that aims to "develop software in a quality, measurable and systematic manner".

Students who have graduated from Software Engineering department; system integrator, systems engineer, design engineer, web design and program specialist, information technology specialist and application programmer will be able to design projects in the field of software as they will have a wide range of work in various departments of almost every institution and organization and will be able to implement these projects, they will have the characteristics to successfully carry out their steps and will be able to make significant contributions to the growing human power needed in our country.

The software engineering degree program is a four year program with a total of 240 ECTS credits consisting of eight semesters each with a workload of 30 ECTS. The training language is at least 30% English. It is imperative to know English at the time the curriculum is followed. The program has 1 year compulsory English preparatory class.


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