Industrial Engineers are capable of working in all fields of industries. They take  responsibility in all steps of product development; from product design up to the implemention process itself. Industrial Engineers can work as manufacturing engineers, maintenance and repairment managers, quality control engineers, AR-GE engineers, production planners, and marketing-sales experts. Industrial Engineering as field of study explores the following topics in detail: profitability, effectivity, productivity, flexibility, sensitivity and providing higher quality. Our program at İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim Üniversitesi help students understand product and service improvement. To this end, the department focuses mainly in the following fields: behavioral management science, computer science, human resources, social sciences, and communication skills. Our graduates become successful in system design and in development and implementation by the continuous effort of the program in updating the course materials, science education and modern techniques. The language of instruction in our program is 30 % English.


The Department of Industrial Engineering aims at studying the organization of human activity and education of engineers who are capable of creating value in socio-technical sytems. We aim at emphasizing the identification and the structuring of issues and the formulation of problems, as much as seeking to develop and implement effective courses of action. Our program encourages the involvement of industry as well as involvement of student and the alumni in all the departmental activities.


 1) Provide students who have skills necessary to model and solve problems by using mathematics, engineering science, operation research, applied probability and statistics, computer and simulation techniques

2) Provide students who have skills necessary to consider entire system as a whole by system approach 

3) Provide students who have teamwork skills as well as communication skills 

4)Prepare students to apply modern tools and techniques necessary to solve problems 

5)Provide students who have understanding and appreciation consciousness to professional behavior in industrial engineering

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