The Bachelor’s Degree Program of the Department of Architecture is a 240 ECTS credits, 4-year program composed of eight semesters, each of which has a 30 ECTS workload. One ECTS equals to 30 hours of student workload per semester.

The overall objective of the department is to train architechs who are scientific and sensitive to professional developments in the field of architecture. We equip our students to conduct, understand and evaluate research at national and international platforms. Our program provides contemporary technological developments and the know-how necessary for the field of architecture along with a sense of history, society, environment and ethical values.

The program consists of theory and practice, well-assimilated architectural concepts, foreign language and other courses needed for international competition. Our mission is to motivate research in the field of architecture using the most advanced technology. With the professional ethics and sensitivity to human values they posses we are confident that our graduates will lead the advancement of architecture in our country.


National and international knowledge and values to train individuals participating in the investigative, creative,. Original theoretical, hands-on training environment and project Studios Basics lessons learned.Student's visual culture, world events for the development of the city vision is supported. Basic required courses and architectural project work with students to develop themselves in the matter that is provided in the appropriate environments. Seminars, symposium, congresses, exhibitions, competition, as well as technical and social issues in development and supported shares.


İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Architecture Department, third, original and historical information for future high sensitivity to the environment, ethical, artistic and technical information regarding issues and human needs designed high, sensitive, flexible thinking, disciplined the employee to reach high sensitivity and awareness, knowledge, learning, technical experts can be grown.


"A Campus University in The Middle of History"