Assessment and Grading

The Bachelor’s Degree Program of the Food Engineering Department is a 240 ECTS credits program of 4 years composed of eight semesters, each with a 30 ECTS workload. One ECTS is equal to 30 hours of student workload per semester.

The aim of the Food Engineering Department is to equip the students with the necessary skills to apply  the principles and techniques  of modern science and technology in engineering to the processing, preservation, distribution and marketing of food. To accomplish this objective, an understanding of the basic principles and techniques of many disciplines, including chemistry, physics, economics, engineering microbiology, management, nutrition and public health, must be incorporated. All the fundamental data and procedures concerning the theoretical and practical aspects of the food industry that involve the food chain from the production of raw materials to the consumption of the finished products  by consumers fall into the scope of Food Engineering. There is a solid balance between theory and practice in the curriculum. Our graduates can easily cope with  challenges of work in such areas as: cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish products or fabricated foods of the future. Producing high quality food with minimum cost, controlling every production step from manufacturing to marketing and consumption, solving problems that occur, assuring high quality products are some of the areas which our graduates are able to deal with successfully.

Our graduates having obtained  comprehensive knowledge and skills about the recent developments in food engineering with a firm background in foreign language and computer skills will be able to find competitive jobs in their field both in Turkey and abroad as highly qualified professionals.

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