Goals and Objectives

1To educate engineers who are capable of following technological and scientific developments in the field of computer and information, who are competent, creative, have scientific production power, and accept scientific and experimental basis.
2To train engineers who have participatory, numerical and academic thinking power for scientific production power, who have learned to learn and embrace lifelong learning thinking, and do not hesitate to take responsibility.
3To be a department that contributes to transforming the knowledge produced on the international scene into social and industrial benefits and acting with the consciousness of ethical behavior.
1The objective is to contribute training of highly qualified individuals in computer engineering and sciences whose demands have been increasing day by day in our country. The program, in addition to fundamental engineering courses, offers social sciences courses, such as business management courses. In the 4th year, students have a chance to concentrate on a specific area within CE. Technical courses are supported with practical work which enables students to concretize their designs.

"A Campus University in The Middle of History"