Programme Information

The main purpose of our department is to inform students about national and international economic developments, and enable them to understand, analyze and interpret the economic issues and to develop their problem solving capabilities.

For our students to become more successful in their education and work life, the department offers not only main economic courses but also courses in the related areas such as business, finance, law, sociology, mathematics and statistics. Besides, our students have opportunity of pursuing double major and minor programs in order to enhance interdisciplinary approach and prepare better for the future. Moreover, ‘international student exchange programs’ like Erasmus are also provided for our students to gain an international experience.

The Bachelor’s Degree Program offered by the Department of Economics is 240 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits program of 4 years composed of 8 semesters. One ECTS is equal to 30 hours of student workload per semester.

Career Opportunities:

There are lots of job opportunities for the graduates of the Department of Economics both in public and private sectors. Among these, various top level public institutions exist, such as Central Bank of the Turkish Republic, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Capital Market Board of Turkey, Borsa İstanbul and Participation Banks Association of Turkey. In addition, our graduates have career opportunities in the related ministries and research centers as a director, specialist or researcher. It is also known that the economists are primarily preferred by public and private banks and financial institutions. The graduates of Department of Economics can become independent accountant and certified public accountant, besides they can work in the domestic and international firms either as a manager or an economist, or in various positions in their accounting and finance departments. Furthermore, they can become an administrative law judge or a district governor through passing the required examinations. Academic career is another possibility; if they continue on their education and get the master’s and doctoral degrees, then they become academicians. On the other hand, some of the graduates prefer either to work in their family business or to start with their own business.



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