Programme Information

İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University thrives to train business leaders that are up-to-date with international business structure and economic issues and we are keen to develop creative and innovative solutions. Our academic framework; therefore, highly values analitycal approaches and is science and technology driven. Throughout the Management Programme, we aim to provide our students with key managerial and executive capabilities and skills.

Our department have well-recognized, national and international, staff members who are professional academics with unique significant success records. Moreover, our students are encouraged to pursue internships in a spectrum of distinct and reputable institutions.

We are eager to train future businessmen and women with a global vision and advanced English communication skills. That, by return, encouraged a number of foreign students to participate to our program in the last few years. International academic exchange programmes such as Erasmus have been motivated and inspired for further educational activities so that they are fully prepared to be global business leaders.

The Bachelor’s Degree Program of the Management Department is a 240 ECTS credits program of 4 years composed of eight semesters, each with a 30 ECTS workload. One ECTS is equal to 30 hours of student workload per semester

Career Opportunities

There are lots of job opportunities for the graduates of the Department of Management both in public and private sectors. The graduates can set up and operate their own business or can work as top executives in different businesses or work as managers in different departments (production, operating, marketing, sales, purchasing, advertising, finance, human resources, public relations and research and development) of companies or work as specialists such as training specialists and managers, financial analysts, financial advisors, accountants, auditors, financial advisors in companies, banks, and other organizations


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