Programme Information

IZU International Trade and Finance Department aims at educating international trade and finance experts who have global vision, take strength from local riches, think strategically, and who are undertaker, competitive and prone to work in teams. Curriculum of this department that was prepared with an interdisciplinary attitude brings a strong basis to students in disciplines such as business administration, economics, finance, international trade and marketing. Our students who experience a multicultural environment possess a full complement that would help them to work as experts and managers at national and international companies, development and finance organizations, and scientific research centers.

A supportive setting is provided for double major and subspeciality programmes that can be chosen among various programmes in order for them to be successful both in national and international arena. It is also promoted that our students would do internship at prestigious institutions in order for all of their future vocational requirements. Moreover, through “overseas student exchange programmes,” it is provided that our students would benefit from educational, social and cultural advantages of international interaction. 

Career Opportunities

Graduates of International Trade and Finance department have ample opportunities of work both in public and private sector. They can take exams of supervisorship, controllership and expert assistanship held by Ministry of Economics, Central Bank, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Borsa Istanbul, Capital Market Board, various ministries or public institutions. They can also become expert of International Trade and Finance or researcher. Other institutions in which these students can be hired are; public and private banks, especially participation banks, any kind of industrial organization, insurance companies, institutions offering accounting and auditing services, financial institutions, national or international research institutions, national or international companies. Thus, our graduates can take active roles at national and international markets and institutions. Moreover, they can have an academic career by continuing master and PhD programmes in different fields. 


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